Mugabe turns Zimbabwe into a vampire state

In his book, Defeating Dictators, George B.N Ayittey makes the point that much of Africa is a vampire state that metastasizes into a coconut republic and finally implodes into a collapsed or failed state.

President Robert Mugabe's son-in-law Simba Chikore

President Robert Mugabe’s son-in-law Simba Chikore

Indeed, Zimbabwe has become a vampire state.
Ayittey in his book page 23 writes; “ – a government hijacked by a phalanx of bandits, gangsters, crooks, and scoundrels who use the machinery of the state to enrich themselves, their cronies, supporters, and members of their own ethnic, racial or religious group and to exclude everyone else.  It is an apartheid-like system based on the politics of exclusion. 
“One is poor if one does not belong to that charmed circle.  The richest people in Africa and many Third World countries are the ruling vampire elites and government ministers.  And quite often, the chief bandit is the head of state himself”.
Events in the last six months confirm that we have become a coconut republic.

First, it was the ejectment of Joice Mujuru as the Vice President without due processes and genuine reasons.
Second, it was the elevation of Grace Mugabe into the position of defacto Vice President of Zimbabwe.

Third, has been the implementation of crazy economic policies not found on any rational basis.

The enactment of the Statutory Instrument (SI) 164 in respect of which the Government banned the importation of basic commodities that have been helping the people is proof of this.

Fourth, the implementation of an outdated agriculture model, copied from a now non-existent Stalinist period.

Even when finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa tried to implement some modest lipstick reforms such as the deferment of civil servants’ bonuses, the regime descended on him like a dog with rabies.

Fifth, the announcement of the return of the Zimbabwe dollar now known as a bond note is a suicidal move that confirms Chinamasa as the worst finance minister in the history of Zimbabwe.

Coupled with this have been the vicious attacks on members of the social movements and including ultimately the abuse of the rule of law through various illegal moves.

Chief among these has been the ban on marches and demonstrations through the fascist Public Order and Security Act (POSA).

The government has gone bonkers and completely lost its marbles.

However, it is the appointment of Simba Chikore as the chief operations officer of Air Zimbabwe which confirms beyond reasonable doubt that we have become a coconut republic.

Another case is point is that the appointment of Simba Chikore comes soon after Mugabe forced the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) to illegally award a multi-million dollar tender of the Dema Diesel Power Plant project to Chikore’s brother, Derrick.

That the president can appoint his unemployed son-in-law who has never run anything in his life, is proof of the insanity of this regime.

That Mugabe can do it so brazenly without care of in respect of public sentiments is a deep seated belief that he owns this country and can do anything he wants with this country.

We have thus become a coconut republic, which should change its name to the Republic of Robert Mugabe, a corporate enterprise run by a fascist shareholder with a few awe-stricken cronies.

The truth of the matter is that the war veterans who liberated this country from the yoke of colonialism only for it to be colonized by an individual, His Excellency President Robert Mugabe.

As the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), we refuse this construction.

We shall continue fighting to restore democracy and retake our country from the new colonialist, Robert Mugabe.


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