Zanu PF looters think they are above the law

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has always maintained that there is no one who is above the law and that the country’s Constitution should be respected by all citizens.

Fredrick Shava

Fredrick Shava

The Constitution of Zimbabwe is very clear in Chapter One, section 2 (2) states that; “The obligations imposed by this Constitution are binding on every person, natural or juristic, including the State and all executive, legislative and judicial institutions and agencies of government at every level and must be fulfilled by them”.

The statements made by the Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa in Parliament on Wednesday that there is no one above the law do not add value.  It is fact that Mnangagwa’s statement is only mere sloganeering and politicking.

The truth of the matter is that in Zimbabwe, there is selective application of the law.
There is a law for Zanu PF officials and supporters and a law for others.

–  Over 30 years after the Gukurahundi massacres where thousands of people were murdered by known state agents, the government has not taken any steps to bring to book the perpetrators.

-  Frederick Shava in the late 1980s was one of the Zimbabwean Cabinet ministers who were arrested, tried and convicted of perjury in the infamous Willowgate Scandal.

– The scandal involved ministers who abused their positions to buy then luxurious Toyota Cressida vehicles from the government-controlled vehicle assembler Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries and resold them to corporates at inflated prices, usually double or three times their purchase price.

– In the late 1980s, several Zanu PF ministers were arrested for abusing their positions to buy then luxurious Toyota Cressida vehicles from the government-controlled vehicle assembler Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries and reselling them at inflated prices.  Among those arrested was Fredrick Shava who was sentenced to nine months in prison with no option of a fine.  However, Mugabe swiftly pardoned him 24 hours later.  “Who among us has not lied?  Yesterday, you were with your girlfriend and told your wife that you were with the Prime Minister.  Should you get nine months for that?” Mugabe queried as he freed Shava.

-   In 1990, the now late Patrick Kombayi was shot by a CIO operative, Elias Kanengoni and then Zanu PF MP for Chirumanzu, Kizito Chivamba after Kombayi had challenged Zanu PF’s Simon Muzenda in a parliamentary election in Gweru.

-  Kanengoni and Chivamba were sentenced to seven years in prison after they were convicted of attempted murder, only for Robert Mugabe to pardon them soon after.

-  On 14 April, 2000 Tichaona Chiminya and Talent Mabika died after the vehicle they were driving in was petrol bombed near Murambinda Growth Point in Buhera, Manicaland province, by a Zanu PF mob led by a CIO operative, Joseph Mwale.  Despite Mwale being subpoenaed by former Judge James Devitte, he remains in contempt of court. All prosecutors who have tried to bring him to justice have lost their jobs.

– In 2008, over 200 political activists across Zimbabwe were murdered by known Zanu PF militia, and state agents.  However, no arrests have been made and the perpetrators are roaming free. Among the murderers were; Jawet Kazangarare and ZNA private Peter Madamombe, Major Cairo Mhandu, Major Maravadza

– Other Zanu PF officials who were implicated in the perpetrating violence in 2008 such as Joseph Chinotimba are now seating in Parliament as MPs.

– Cuthbert Dube who was in 2013 implicated in using funds from the civil servants’ medical aid scheme, PSMAS, to fund Zanu PF election campaign was exposed for awarding himself obscene salaries of over $1 million a month.

– The minister of health, David Parirenyatwa, illegally took a $100 000 loan from PSMAS while between 2009 and 2013, George Charamba, Mugabes’ spokesperson received US$228 278 from the same organization.

– In 2013, the then Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) and a losing Zanu PF parliamentary candidate, Goodwills Masimirembwa was implicated for demanding and receiving a $6 million bribe from a Ghanaian firm that sought to invest in diamond mining in Zimbabwe.

– In June 2016, the ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira was exposed for breaking the law and siphoning $194,000 from a Potraz for the purchase of a vehicle.

The above are some of the few cases that reveal how Zanu PF acolytes are above the law and are protected by Mugabe as they loot the country’s resources.

Therefore, Mnangagwa will be lying to claim that there is no one above the law because as the above evidence is a living proof of the high level of corruption that is happening in Zimbabwe under the Zanu PF government where criminals and murderers are protected by the regime.

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