Zanu PF plunders state resources

Over the years, the Zanu PF regime has always illegally and unconstitutionally conflated the relationship between Zanu PF as a political party and the State or government. Because Zanu PF is basically a commandist and totalitarian quasi – political and militarised organisation, they have never, ever appreciated that a political party, even if it happens to be the ruling party, is not the same as a government. Put alternatively, the ruling party is not the government and conversely, the government is not the ruling party.In a modern constitutional democracy,these two bodies are indeed, separate and distinct entities.

Patrick Zhuwao

Patrick Zhuwao

Indigenisation Minister, Patrick Zhuwawo, was recently quoted in the media boasting that the Zanu PF regime will continue using State resources to fund party projects and that they will not offer any apology for conducting themselves in such an unlawful and patently criminal activity. Indeed, whilst addressing a small number of people who had been violently commandeered to attend a Zanu PF campaign rally in Norton a few days ago, the Zanu PF youth secretary, one Kudzanai Chipanga, parcelled out 5,000 unserviced residential stands to Zanu PF supporters in a clear and unmitigated case of vote – buying.

Zimbabwe is presently in a debilitating and horrifying political and socio – economic mess as a direct result of the manner in which, over the decades, the Zanu PF regime has ransacked and looted State resources to fund the programs of their crumbling and faction – ridden political organisation.

In fact, the regime has never made it a secret that it would use any means available, fair or foul, to continue to hold onto power in Zimbabwe. As a result, rampant corruption and brazen looting of State resources have become an integral component of  the Zanu PF political DNA. Up until such a time that the Zanu PF regime respects and upholds the Constitution of Zimbabwe, we shall continue to experience the erosion of the sacrosanct principles of constitutionality and constitutionalism.

The MDC remains a beacon of hope for the oppressed masses of Zimbabwe. The majority of the people have been pauperised over the past 36 years essentially because the ruling elite has flagrantly violated the rule of law and trashed private property rights. Currently, thousands of unserviced residential stands are being dished out like confetti at a wedding to Zanu PF supporters in all the country’s urban and peri–urban areas. This is a carefully calculated move to dilute and dissipate the MDC support base in all its urban and peri–urban strongholds. Bluntly put, the Zanu PF regime is already rigging election 2018.

Once again, the MDC calls upon SADC, the AU and even the UN to urgently intervene in Zimbabwe because we are dealing with a recalcitrant, bigoted, corrupt and terrorist Zanu PF regime that has virtually declared war against anyone and everyone who dares to challenge this renegade regime’s excesses. As we have stated on times without number, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), as currently constituted, is totally and hopelessly incapable of ensuring that election 2018 will be free and fair. The fact of the matter is that ZEC has virtually been held hostage by the CIO operatives and other State security agents who constitute the bulk of the ZEC secretariat.

The continued and rampant looting of State resources by the belligerent but crumbling Zanu PF regime should be stopped forthwith. The people of Zimbabwe have become slaves in their own country of birth.

MDC: Equal Opportunities For All
Obert Chaurura Gutu
MDC National Spokesperson


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