A special public message to President Mugabe

On Thursday, President Mugabe delivers a state of the nation address to a people who are more informed about the real state of the nation than himself. Every Zimbabwean only wishes that the President could take advantage of the day to announce his retirement so that the nation could move forward.

Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

The country is mired in the middle of an unprecedented crisis. The President and the party in government have no idea how to address the people’s challenges, which are worsening every day as evidenced by the bond note introduced early this week.

As he prepares to address the nation on Thursday, the only worthwhile Christmas present he could give the nation is an announcement that he is retiring. There comes a time when leaders must make bold but popular decisions. For President Mugabe, this is the time and Thursday provides him with the perfect opportunity to do so.

He is a man who has done much for the country. He has built a legacy which he had also proceeded to destroy. However, we have a lot to do as a nation to restore the national pride and no one has any time to waste hounding an old man. We are proud Africans and in our culture, we value and respect old people. He has no reason to fear. He can safely announce his retirement and he has our assurance no one will pursue him. Retiring now can only enhance his legacy.

I know the suffering of the people. I have travelled far and wide in the country; talking to the people and listening to them. If he truly loves the nation, President Mugabe must simply retire and allow the country to move forward.

Oh yes, it would be the best Christmas present he could ever give the suffering people of this country.

Morgan Tsvangirai
Movement for Democratic Change

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