Mugabe must be forced to go!!!

The pictures that you see of whats up, facebook and other social networking medias about Zimbabwe makes one shed a tear, of recent our people in Mbare dump site pictured picking up fruits from rotten smelly dump which is reported, will wash them to go and resell in the CBD. Surely if I may ask those that are in power WHY WHY WHY is that our people have been reduced to such?

President Robert Mugabe

The octogenarian has pushed us against the wall now seems the only option for all Zimbabwean people is to fight our way out. This situation has now brought our country to its knees we need a radical change, but over the past 36 years it has been proven to the believers of non-violence and of those millions that were hoping change will come through the ballot box. Zanu PF machinery of rigging votes will never be broken by anyone, which leaves us with the one option again fight our way out. What Zimbabwean people have to realise is that the regime has enjoyed their noses in the throph and that they will not let go the life style of luxuries so easily. Throughout the history it has been proven that Dictators will not be removed from power through the ballot box, I can cite the recent issue in Gambia.

If one may ask a simple question what make us Zimbabweans to believe that Mugabe will just give up power when those around him who have more power than all us have failed so much so that the tart Grace even bragged that he (Mugabe) will rule us from the wheel chair. Most people will retire in their 70s so that they can enjoy their last years of their retirement in peace. Even the natural ageing has failed to remove Mugabe what makes us think we will remove him through the ballot box? MDC has won the past elections but Mugabe refused to go, he even went on air saying the country they won through fighting will never be taken away from them with a pencil. What more evidence do we want to see that Zanu will never leave power through the ballot box? The so called junta even went on record saying they will never salute Morgan Tsvangirai.

There is also a notion that many people say he is going to die soon, while I do not disagree that he is going to die. What makes us think that those who are in Zanu pf will give up power because Mugabe is dead? While it is true to some extent that Mugabe is now a brand for Zanu PF to survive, let us remember these are the same people who have over the years been part of the machinery that have kept Zanu PF in power. In Matebele Gukurahundi Mugabe used his tried and tested oppressive machinery the 5th brigade and the ruthless CIOs to kill over 20000 Ndebele people.

When an unarmed and defenceless journalist cum activist Itai Dzamara decided to occupy Africa unity square just to demand his rights as a citizen Mugabe instructed his now trusted most ruthless henchmen to make sure we will never see him again. We will always remember Itai Dzamara for his courage, and it is because of people like him that we will carry the struggle to the next level. Mugabe’s ruthlessness has no pity he even targeted the churches when Evan Mawarire a pastor started this flag, which is within his right again as a citizen to question the problems in Zimbabwe, again Mugabe set on his ruthless CIO who have been behind the death of so many in Zimbabwe to make sure he will leaves Zimbabwe.

This was an unarmed and defenceless pastor who was doing his duty as the pastor, as most Zimbabwean’s have turned to the churches for salvation Mawarire was questioned by many Zimbabwean’s what churches are doing to make sure our country is saved . Now it has been reported that when he returned he was arrested by the CIOs who mann the Harare International Airport as immigration officers. This shows that now Zimbabwe is now a Police state. For how long are we going to stand and watch this oppressive regime deny us our rights? Mugabe time to go is now because we will do whatever it takes to remove you. To save Zimbabwe Mugabe must be removed now because everything we have tried is not working.

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