Murderer sentenced to death

A brutal murderer who took the life of a security guard on 14th June in 2008, faced the full wrath of the law when the high court judge recently found him guilty of robbery and murder with no extenuating circumstances.

Taurayi Mathe, no doubt regrets the brutal murder of security guard Mache who was, at the time, employed by the Grafax Cotton Company in Gokwe.

The killer struck the security guard Mache in the face with a hoe causing his death while the security guard was doing his job by trying to stop a robbery attempt.

Passing sentence, no-nonsense Judge Mathonsi said that the murder was deliberate,  planned and cruel and that a hefty sentence was necessary to send a signal to would-be offenders.

‘’The murder of the security guard was premeditated and brutal and as a result a heavy sentence is very necessary in order to both punish the guilty and to send a clear message there is a great need for every single person to respect the sanctity of life.”

Presenting the states case, prosecutor, Tafadzwa Mupariwa told the court that on the fateful night, security guard Mache was on duty at the Grafax Cotton Company, when the accused,  in the company of two accomplices, one who is still at large and one who has since died entered the premises with the intention robbing it.

“You assaulted Mache, accusing him of foiling your mission,’’ said Mupariwa. The court was also told that the trio attacked a nearby cottage where resident and cotton buyer, Winnie Sigwala was asleep and that the trio demanded money from her and robbed her as well.

A terrified Sigwala gave them what money she had and they also took two solar inverters and a generator worth $50 billion. After ordering her to lie on the floor, they fled into the night.

When Sigwala and a friend proceeded to The Grafax Cotton Company, they discovered Mache lying unconscious and bleeding profusely from a wound that stretched from his mouth to his ear. They reported the incidents that lead to Mathe’s arrest.

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