Short reflection: The ‘netizens’ will not deliver Zimbabwe, only the CITIZENS can

If we want FREEDOM we have to be prepared to fight the oppressor. There is no miracle that is going to free us. Every moment we doubt, is a step aback, every unnecessary fight we pick along the way is unproductive & counterproductive.

Our problems as a people are defined BUT we are not personally prepared to go the extra mile to free ourselves. We believe more in the ‘messiah’ factor than in us as agents of change.

Zimbabwe Yadzoka/ Mayibuye iZimbabwe has been & will continue to build this agency into our people, the most oppressed, the manipulated & the marginalized. Our path has been the less dramatic and the most difficult & sometimes consciously the less publicized.

Social media is and has been good BUT it is just that, a media & if we can’t use it to reach the masses for change, if we continue to go back & forth, we are falling back in the trap, right where ZANU-PF wants us.

If we don’t mass mobilize, 2018 is a non-event, if we don’t come up with a GRAND COALITION (or at the very least a formidable coalition) 2018 is a non-event. If you believe we are going to have a path to victory in 2018 without the main political oppositions in the EQUATION, it is a dream & will remain such. Zimbabwe Yadzoka/ Mayibuye iZimbabwe is and will remain non-partisan but we also have to recognize bare facts.

The only path to victory in 2018 is through a coalition, nothing dramatic will swept the electorate, especially up to 70% who are in the rural communities. The ‘netizens’ (citizens with access to the internet) only will not deliver a new Zimbabwe, but all CITIZENS can.

The struggle in Zimbabwe is real and the crisis real too. This struggle however, has never been & will never be a straight line BUT if you choose to stay with the PEOPLE, then you will always have a good fight. Unfortunately fighting in the corner of the PEOPLE is seen as mundane in this age but as a nation of miracles & trendy news, we will keep disappointing ourselves.

Why we emphasize that at Zimbabwe Yadzoka/ Mayibuye iZimbabwe we will keep  on fighting with the PEOPLE. We will keep on facilitating the struggle. We will keep on giving agency to the PEOPLE.

Outside of the social media & trendy things we are the most consistent & fast growing out there mainly because our message has been always out there & consistent. We always encourage those who are pragmatic & willing to take the fight to join or support us BUT more importantly we encourage every Zimbabwean & Zimbabwean friends to remain focused. We prefer to count down months to 2018 & we know our work is cut out.

Mass mobilization and a coalition is the only feasible path in 2018. Anything short is a diversion & a delay to the freedoms of the PEOPLE.

Did we learn something from Bikita West? Have we learned something these past 17 years? ZANU-PF haibve zvekumhanya (ZANU-PF is not & will not go easily). We know why they always win barring obvious rigging, we know our Achilles heel. Without fixing that we will lose again badly in 2018. Let us stop preaching to the converted.

Reclaiming Zimbabwe

Dr Victor Chimhutu- Team Leader


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