Chiwenga’s utterances treasonous

The recent utterance by Army General, Constantine Chiwenga that he will not salute a "President with no liberation war credentials.." after harmonised elections next year, should be dismissed as ancient and tired treasonous rhetoric. A President is elected by the people of Zimbabwe, not by an overzealous individual in military attire.

Constantino Guveya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga

Such parroting and wittering of old and tired rhetoric is an insult to our national army whose duty is to protect the country. Chiwenga should focus on improving the welfare of the men and women in uniform than meddling in political affairs yet in contravention of the country’s Constitution, which is very clear that security forces must be non-partisan.

The constitution of Zimbabwe clearly defines the duties and the mandate of the defence forces of Zimbabwe. Military interference in political matters is treasonous and blatantly unconstitutional.

Such an unfortunate utterance is a depiction of the consequences of allowing characters with such reprehensible behaviour to head such a revered national institution. A coward who finds pleasure in saluting an inept wheelchair bound somebody at the expense of the country.

I want to warn General Constantine Chiwenga and anyone harbouring such contemptuous thoughts that we shall defend our country’s constitution and the will of the Zimbabwean people for change.  We shall never allow our esteemed soldiers to be abused to such levels. If a few of them previously managed to subvert the will of the people of Zimbabwe by subterfuge and deceit, 2018 will afford them an opportunity to learn what’s mightier, between a bullet and the collective resolve of the young people of Zimbabwe.

The youth constitute over 60% of the population of Zimbabwe, hence we will not allow a minority age group to continue diminishing our hopes of a better Zimbabwe. The youths have been marginalized for years and its time for us to demand our stake and direction of this country.

We are conscious of the fact that our Defence forces comprises of very professional and dedicated foot solders, whom on countless occasions found themselves abused into submission and coerced to commit heinous  atrocities against the people. Such atrocities will not be permitted again by our generation. Furthermore, we are convinced that the men and women in uniform will not follow such a self serving command from an empty vessel like Chiwenga. We are a 21st century generation and will not succumb to submission at the expense of our future. By virtue of our age, we are the real stockholders in the country’s future.

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