Kela wins 2017 Easter Open Prestige section

Kela Kaulule of Zambia, International Masters Chitumbo Mwali and Rodwell Makoto won the just ended Easter Prestige Open tourney which was held at the Ambassador hotel from the 14th-18th of April. The tourney attracted 44 players from within Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia.IM Rodwell Makoto played Castro Sibanda of Zimbabwe in the final round. He defeated Sibanda to finish with 7,5 points out of 9 games of play.

schach; foto: meyer 12/04

Makoto drew against the upcoming Kuda Sibanda, IM Chitumbo Mwali and Kela Kaulule of Zambia. The most improved player in the tourney was Vitalis Mapuranga who is doing Human Resources Management at Bindura University. He defeated Spencer Masango in round one, CM DION MOYO, in a pulsating game which sent the tounges of the onlookers wagging as he managed to sacrifice two minor pieces for him to have a pawn triangle which led to the demise of Dion Moyo.

Unfortunately Spencer Masango could not finish the tourney as he had to attend to a funeral of his brother’s child. IM Kelvin Chumfwa lost to Vitalis again. The IM also drew against Zhemba Zhemusse before defeating Albert Maketo in the final round. There was a tie on the first position with the two IMs and Kela taking and sharing the prizes for the first to third positions. In fourth position was Jemba Zhemusse with 6,5 points, while there was another tie for the fifth position which had IM Kelvin Chumfwa,Castro Sibanda, Elisha Chimbamu and, Kudakwashe Sibanda who all finished with 6 points out of 9 games of play.
Emerald Mushore , Vitalis Mapuranga,Mugove Muririma, Tapiwa Jele and Mufaro Mangono finished with 5,5 points. Reiloe Mudodo performed very well in this star-studded field when she finished with4 points out of nine becoming the best lady player. Of note was his brilliant game against Tapiwa Chikwavaire which was full of combinative play.CM Mpumelelo Moyo defeated Terence Mukoviya in the final round to finish on 5 points. The rated tourney was run by FA Mpambela, NA Magret of Malawi chess federation , FA Chimbamu and FA murimi made sure that it had the fide standards.

.Zimbabwe Easter Open 2017

Round 9 on 2017/04/18 at 08:30

Bo. SNo. Name Pts Res. Pts Name SNo.
1 43 Sibanda Castro 6 6½ IM Makoto Rodwell 1
2 5 Mushore Emarald 5½ 6½ IM Mwali Chitumbo 2
3 6 Kaulule Kela Siame 6½ 5½ Mapuranga Vitalis 26
4 11 Jemusse Zhemba 5½ 5 Tavagwisa Lawrence 12
5 14 Maketo Albert 5 5 IM Chumfwa Kelvin 4
6 7 Chimbamu Elisha 5 5 Mandeya Hamilton 13
7 8 Sibanda Kudakwashe 5 5 Elisha Thabo 37
8 15 Ncube Sifiso 4½ 4½ Muririma Mugove 17
9 40 Jele Tapiwa 4½ 4½ CM Moyo Dion 16
10 38 Mangono Mufaro 4½ 4½ Chikandi Tasisio 42
11 41 CM Moyo Mpumelelo 4 4 Mukoviya Terrance 10
12 25 Maikokera Walter 4 4 Chikwavaire Tapiwa 22
13 46 Chivinda Dee 4 3½ Bokamoso Simon 19
14 29 Ndlovu Mbongeni 3½ 3½ Janyure Farai 9
15 31 Nyoni Lungelwe 3½ 3½ Mashiri Donald 20
16 33 Ruchaka Kenneth 3½ 3½ Kanyama Obert 23
17 27 Motsi Tribulation 3½ 3½ Chinyama Donald 39
18 45 Chizikani Termaine 3 3 Nhambirwa Stansilous 30
19 32 Nyundo Prince 3 3 CM Mudodo Refiloe 35
20 21 Harawa Emmanuel 2½ 2½ Dzvetera Brian 18
21 44 Dzinzi Tafara 2½ 1 Tavengwa David 36
22 34 Zawu Denford 2 2 Mushininga Pardon 28

Program Swiss-Manager developed and copyright © by DI.Heinz Herzog, 1230 Vienna Joh.Teufelg.39-47/7/9,
Mail:[email protected],homepage, User:Zimbabwe Chess-Federation, 2015/03/21
Details on this tournament can be found on http://chess-results

Meanwhile in the Easter Open unrated section which was held at Causeway Post Office. Van Madanhi and Munyaradzi Musekiwa finished tied on first place with 8/9 points in an interesting pool which had 150 players who took part.Cyril Chigodo and Brendon Jobe finished with 7,5 points close behind the leaders while Linda Sha was the best lady with 7 points. She salvaged a draw against Farai Hamandishe in a pulsating game. Meanwhile the upsets of the tourney came from Hamandishe defeating IM Kudzanai Mamombe in round 3, as well as Roy Mwadzura defeating the first IM in Zimbabwe.

The tourney was run by Elton Mhangarayi and Ivan Chivese. Our Zimbabwea youths will play in the World schools chess championships in Romania. The country will be represented by Anotidaishe Madamombe,Tinaye Madamombe, and  WCM Refiloe Mudodo. We wish them the best as they raise the flag of Zimbabwe in this tourney. Chenjerai Madamombe will accompany the players as well as Roseline Gochera. This tourney will be held from the 21st of April to 01 MAY, 2017. Meanwhile on a rather sad note The Zimbabwe Chess federation President Mr Charles T Kuwaza passed on yesterday. May his departed soul rest in eternal peace. A dark cloud has covered the chess fraternity in Zimbabwe, the man has groomed several chess champions during his reign as president. May his legacy he left live forever!

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