ZEC must explain Zanu (PF) win

ZEC must explain whether it is possible to have almost 1000 people voting per hour as is the case for Mwenezi.

The facts are that there is a certain polling station where about 10150 people voted in 12 hours and ZanuPf got 9722 votes. If its possible then why restricting to 1000 voters per polling station using BVR……….something is fishy here we need an explanation.
Is it logical;there are 3 candidates one gets 9722,one gets 163 and the other gets 88 votes
Therefore 9722+163+88=9973 votes in 12 hours
Therefore in an hour :
Therefore in a minute
831÷60mins=14 people
Hey learned people is it possible to have 14 people voting in a minute???????………
My logic inondirambira….manual voting after verifying the voter ummm……..???

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