Video: Mugabe’s Globe Trotting

Dear Sir/Madam

May I draw your attention that our president’s Globe-trotting is clear indication that he has no interest at heart for the majority of Zimbabwean citizens and hence should not be considered for re-election to represent us in 2018.

He’s spending more time in the skies and outside the country than in his office back home and yet his country is  facing critical political and economic crisis which needs his immediate  attention. Millions are living in abject poverty and facing starvation.

By resorting to globe-trotting as his first priority, the president has clearly proved beyond any reasonable doubt that whatever happens at home – he does not care. For example, thousands have lost everything to the recent floods, striking health-care workers – nurses and doctors, civil servants, liquidity and cash crisis – demonstrations coupled with police brutality – just to mention a few – seem not to be critical issues for his attention. Instead he prefers flying outside the country on countless occasions either attending to his private business or pointless summits.

Now he’s on record as the most travelled  head of state in the world – but what does this bring us back home especially if the economy is down on its knees and worse still the government is even failing to pay its wage bills on time.

The president has clocked 200 000 km in 2016 in 6 months and used US$80 millions. He has been to Singapore 10 times this year alone for personal visits and medical checks.

According to the president had 35 delegates on his recent  visit to Mexico to attend“Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction” in Cancun – where daily allowances for those who accompanied him were raging from US($1 000 to $1 500) which comes to a minimum of more than $35 000 on daily basis. If multiplied by 7 days they spent this gives us a minimum expenditure of almost $300 000 yet back home banks can not afford to issue more than $20 per customer.

In addition confirms that Mugabe was not given speaking slot in Mexico for  unclear reasons. This brings about no known achievements resulting from trying to fix global issues and yet alone failing to fix problems at home made up of hunger, poverty and untold suffering.

Editor, Globe trotting by the president has  no justification whatsoever as it only shows that  the regime has totally abandoned Zimbabweans.

Mugabe and his cronies are now busy involved in self aggrandisement and power politics which is of no help or benefit to the citizens and should not be given chance to be back in power again.

Yours Sincerely

Pythias Makonese

Watch the Video below:

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