Open letter to UNDP-Zim


It was with shock, a great concern, that we read a statement where UNDP said ZEC was transparent and great. At this point we are convinced as citizens the gentleman who issued the statement on ZEC and others in Zimbabwe’s UNDP are on ZANU PF payroll and will support ZEC subverting the will of the people.

This does not come as shock as last year another UN agency UNCEF issued a statement on activist Patson Dzamara and accused him of abusing his brother’d kids when those kids attended a memorial service in the park for his brother, who was abducted by State officers in March 2015. We are well aware a ZANU PF Minister was involved in the issuance of the Dzamara statement.

ZEC has been far from transparent yet UNDP sees it fit to issue an extremely ill-informed statement. We as part of the citizens of Zimbabwe are 100% sure that if the UNDP actually conducted a transparent survey would realise that, and already know, how this election will go. ZANU PF will win the election by rigging it. ZANU PF does not have the majority in Zimbabwe and we are tired of the suffering they have brought on our country but they will cheat their way to victory and like many times before organisations like UNDP, SADC, AU, UNCEF and UN will stand by and endorse ZANU PF knowing fully well that ZANU PF did not win a Free and Fair election in Zimbabwe.

Now we are  writing this email on behalf of a group of Concerned Zimbabwean Citizens not because we believe they will be response but because at this point we have decided to keep a record of how events will unfold in Zimbabwe with the help of the reckless behavior of organisations like the UNDP.

  1. China will win the bid against the Will of the Zimbabwean People and will help subvert the will of the people of Zimbabwe
  2. ZANU PF will find a way to manipulate the BVR since ZEC is made up of ZANU PF run Central Intelligence Officers and Public Commission Service people. ZEC already admitted they will demilitarize, although this is one of the required electoral reforms.
  3. ZANU PF is already intimidating people in rural areas by telling them the BVR system will see who they are voting for and that polling station voting will make it easier to identify people. Villagers are not happy with polling station based election because intimidation has already started. Villagers say they used to run away from perpetrators and cast their votes in other areas but this time there is no option but to face perpetrators of political violence before casting their votes. Zanu pf has already started steering fear in villages saying each village heard must go to vote with his people and now it’s easier to see who voted for opposition since its polling station based. For example, in Buhera ZANU PF is busy lying to citizens about BVR and how it will be used to track them. Even with numerous media reports on this, ZEC has remained quiet.
  4. ZEC refused to accredit observers from political parties and only registered the ones they invited and of those 9 invited three of them work for ZANU PF not the opposition although they are labeled as opposition, that is a fact.
  5. There are numerous polling stations at the homes of ZANU PF leaders. A school owned by ZANU PF candidate Jasby Omar (JB primary school) was  used as a polling station in just ended by election, ED Mnangangwa ‘s house is also a polling station in Chirumhanzu/Zibagwe constituency, Mugagagu (ZANU PF torture base) in Shamva Mashonaland Central is also a ZANU PF base.
  6. ZEC has denied access of maps to political parties and from our assessment there are a lot of irregularities around those maps because what is on those maps and what is on the ground does not match. For example in Epworth ward 7 there is an area called Rex Nhongo, it’s not on their maps and it’s not clear how many people live in that area. You will realize that even a thousand people can use same address to register to vote which was created by ZEC to just say Rex Nhongo cooperative.
  7. ZEC has not met any of its objectives and goals for 2016 and has not been able to implement any reforms.
  8. Ministers Kasukuwere, Chombo and Jonathan Moyo have also stated very publicly there will be no reforms made by ZEC because ZANU PF will not reform itself out of power and ZEC remained quiet on this.
  9. The Defence Forces Commander declared he will not support a none liberation war President and ZEC was quiet on this .
  10. We have been conducting a background check on these two BVR companies and we will soon reveal some of the discoveries we have made especially regarding the Chinese Firm which we already know did not deliver BVR kits on time in Tanzania.


What should be shocking is that UNDP would make statements that are dismissive and ignore the concerns of others without doing a thorough investigation. We are not shocked though. We have become accustomed to dismissive behavior by those who claim to care. 2008 and 2013 taught us everything we need to know about the blatant ‘look the other way’ policy of  agencies  that purport to care about the people yet  seem bent on keeping Zimbabweans on Life support and Food Aid.

As a group of committed Zimbabweans we will not go quietly this time. We may be cheated out of another election but that will be the last time we sit back quietly and allow the suffering of our people to continue while agencies like the UNDP, UNCEF, SADC, AU and UN pretend to care.

Food Aid is Fine but we don’t want a hand out for the rest of our lives; what we need and keep getting denied is a FREE election and transition from ZANU PF regime. We will not go quietly this time. We will fight peacefully but fight we will because we now fully understand only Zimbabweans will save Zimbabwe

One Day One Day

Sincerely Concerned Citizens

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