A case for independent MPs and councillors

I am not at all surprised at the furore against Fadzayi Mahere's bid as an independent MP candidate for 2018. Paradigm shifts are caused by individuals who dare to act and we need more of that.

Vince Musewe

The typical response is that of resistance to change simply because most people would rather deal with old paradigms than new ones.

In my opinion our party politics is not producing the best amongst us who will neither blindly oppose nor blindly support any political formation for the sake of it. But will look at matters arising with an objective mind and will be accountable to citizens first.

We need to up the game of our debates and impact in parliament and we need to up the game on the competency and effectiveness of our councillors. Independent candidates can certainly change the narrative.

My advice is for all independent candidates to get together and have a collective agenda that puts country first and not individual interests.That in itself can certainly make a positive impact and up the standards both at national and local government level.

This in my opinion presents a good opportunity for collaboration among progressive political parties and independents.

There is no doubt we need a new political model which includes new blood untainted by internal party politics. Independent candidates can offer that.

Professionals academics technicians who are not attracted to political party formations can begin to contribute either in parliament or in councils. Surely that is good for democracy.

However, at Presidential levelĀ  we certainly need only one candidate. So I do not support the idea of an independent Presidential candidate.

So my motivation and encouragementĀ  goes to all those who are not keen to join political parties but are keen to contribute to change to step up and be the change they seek. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

The time to continually blame politicians without participating must come to an end.

Let’s change the game!

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