Does Dr Nkosana Moyo have what it takes to be next President of Zimbabwe?

Questions have to be asked.”CAN HE?” “YES HE CAN”.Does Dr Nkosana Moyo have the charisma that can surpass and supersede that of his competitors in the political institution? The answer is ,YES!.Does he have the prerequisite people skills ,knowledge and technical job skills to fix the Zimbabwe economy which has taken a nose dive?

Dr Nkosana Moyo

The answer is ,YES! . Can Dr Nkosana Moyo endear himself with the rural folk in all the regions in Zimbabwe? The answer is, YES! His background (is testimonial to this), can play a pivotal role in facilitating that. He grew up in the rural areas.

Hence, he knows the culture of the rural folk. Above all, he is the  son of a Shona and a Ndebele. He is likely to be accepted in all regions in Zimbabwe. His proficiency in Shona and Ndebele ,gives him an urge above his competitors. He knows Ndebele and Shona culture(norms and values). That can make it easy for him to interact with people from all corners of the country.

He knows the needs of the rural folk and the urbanities .He knows which needs of workers, need to be gratified, this he also derives from his past experience in working for the current government and also working in high profile positions in different areas in the world. He (Dr Moyo), if elected, as the president  of  Zimbabwe, will be a uniting factor for all Zimbabweans ,because of his  nature and the way he was nurtured.

Furthermore, his relationship with the international world or community, might be an advantage for Zimbabwe when it comes to soliciting funds  for Zimbabwe. For example, he has rubbed shoulders with the IMF  and UN. That can be an advantage. More so, he has lived and studied in the UK, that too can be an advantage which can  go a long way. The UK has a great influence in the will treat him as one of its own.

A good example of people that it has treated as its own, who studied there, are Thabo Mbeki (RSA )(the UK attached  a lot of trust in him), son of Gaddafi (studied in UK) (he was liked by the UK media ), just to name a few. Another personality, who they have a connection with, is the current Syrian  president. The UK government has found itself in an ambivalent position, as it cannot declare full war against him, although, its obligated by the international community to do so. ln a similar vein, Dr Nkosana Moyo, might have great favours from the UK (repeat), if elevated to power in Zimbabwe. My  opinion. This  comment is not a political campaign for Dr Nkosana Moyo, to win votes in the forthcoming elections. These are facts about him.

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