MDC-T youths warns Zanu (PF) against pre-election violence

MDC-T youths have warned Zanu (PF) against pre-election violence as the nation draws closer to the watershed 2018 polls.

Happymore Chidziva

Addressing hundreds of youths who gathered at Muchakata grounds in Chiwundura to commemorate the Day of the African Child, MDC-T youths leader Happymore Chidziva said the Zanu (PF) culture of violence will not work in 2018.

“As youths of the MDC-T, we say no to violence. We are aware that Zanu (PF) always resort to violence each time the discredited party is cornered. So ahead of the 2018 elections, we are saying that strategy will not work, we are going to defend our fathers and fellow youths from that violence. Peace should prevail and Zanu (PF) must surrender power in a peaceful way,” he said.
The vibrant youth leader also implored youths to register to vote.
“All the youths must rise up and go to vote. If you have your girlfriend or boyfriend please take them for voter registration. We dont want anyone to be left out in this exercise. Its very critical to register to vote and so our message is that just like we said when we launched the Bereka Mwana campaign, we want all the people to be registered. That is our strongest message,” he said.
Brian Dube, the MDC-T youths assembly national spokesperson, described the event as a huge success as evidenced by the high turn out of youths who participated in a soccer tournament featuring three districts- Mkoba, Gweru Urban and Chiwundura.
“The youths stayed beyond sunset at the commemorations of the Day of the African child in Chiwundura as a sign of their determination to stand by the MDC-T come 2018 elections. Our message is that the youths must be vigilant and also register to vote in great numbers. There is a strong determination by the youths to see the next government run by the MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai,” he said.
The popular barrister from Gweru also reiterated the need for youths to register to vote.
“In the past the youths have stood with the MDC-T and they continue to support party president Mr Morgan Tsvangirai. So our message is that all the youths must go register to vote so that we finish off Zanu PF in 2018. The youths are hungry for a new government led by Mr Tsvangirai because they have suffered long enough under the regime of Mugabe,” said Dube.
The day of the African child has been celebrated on June 16 every year since 1991 when it was initiated by the OAU to honour those who particiapted in the Soweto Uprising in 1976.

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