UZ students demonstrating for a good cause

Everyone is entitled to freedom of expression. Everyone is entitled to have access to education. Everyone is entitled to have freedom of assembly. So, the UZ students have done nothing wrong at all. The government of Zimbabwe must know how to prioritise. Recently ,they bought new aeroplanes. If only they had used that money to train more doctors.

Doctors are very important in every country. No country can have a healthy population without adequate doctors. From what is written in the story above ,it seems Zimbabwe has an incompetent Minister of Health and the UZ has also incompetent administrators. These administrators act irrationally and make irrational decisions.

One cannot expel student doctors who undertake many years of training .Above all there is a great shortage or adverse shortage of doctors in the country. These people do not have the public at heart. They do not care about the health of the nation( something which must be a priority). Zimbabwe needs to train many doctors .The government needs to train doctors for free. Why should they pay high fees as if it is a private University? .

Where are the MPS? Why don’t they call an urgent meeting and address this important issue?. The problem with our country is that priority is given to useless issues.AS it is ,Pastor Mawarire’s case is being highlighted more that the main important issue which can bring about development to our country. Whether he is arrested or not ,that will not help develop the health system in Zimbabwe. The government needs to urgently address this issue and put politics at halt. What’s the use of spending a lot of money on courts to deal with political issues, instead of very important issues that pertain to the health of the nation.

These people that are supposed to deal with the issue at hand are wilfully turning a blind eye on an important issue .They do so because these future doctors do not matter to them and their families, as they can afford to pay for medication out of Zimbabwe. This is really bad. lt is better not to pay the Ministers and MPS their salaries than to deny our future doctors education. “LET THERE BE FREE EDUCATION FOR OUR FUTURE DOCTORS” .And those students must be reinstated, with immediate effect ,with the person who expelled them resigning with immediate effect (ASIFUNI BUMBULU)

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