Abuse of state resources, including human resources, for Zanu PF chores must stop

While geriatric Mugabe preaches anti-corruption, his party’s activities are being corruptly funded through the tax payers’ money, with even Government Departments personnel being used in the processes instead of working on government programmes to move the country forward.

The Sunday News of 9 July 2017 correctly reports that “The fourth Zanu-PF Presidential Youth Interface that was scheduled for this Friday in Matabeleland North has been postponed as President Mugabe will be out of the country”. The paper goes on to report that the Zanu-PF Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs, Cde Mpehlabayo Malinga confirmed the postponement yesterday during a Matabeleland North Provincial Co-ordinating Committee meeting held at the party’s offices in Lupane and unwittingly proceeds to say Cde Malinga “commended the Government departments in the province, who he said were leaving no stone unturned with the goal of hosting a successful interface”.

So here we are fellow Zimbabweans, Mugabe pretends to be against corruption, while he survives elections through corruption and stealing the ballot. I encourage Zimbabweans, even those in Zanu PF, never to trust election thief Mugabe anymore and vote him out in 2018.

Not so long ago, Killer Zivhu also mobilised all rural district councils to mobilise support for Mugabe, using tax payer money. When the country does not prosper, Mugabe and his Zanu PF blames non-existing sanctions, but how can the country prosper when those in power are corrupt to the bone.  

And the corruption can be traced right to Mugabe’s offices as we are told the Auditor-General recently uncovered a racket under which officials in the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC), permanent secretaries and military officials were lavished with personal loans amounting to US$11 million at a time the cash-strapped government is struggling to pay its bloated workforce. George Charamba and Mari Yawanda Nzuwa, Mugabe’s closest confidants, are involved, but Mugabe will not lift a figure at all. He must be voted out.

Mugabe talks about corrupt acquisition of land and the need for a one man one farm policy, yet his family reportedly owns ten farms, and has not refuted the properties listed belong to his family. Let us vote corruption out of Government, let us vote Mugabe out of office come 2017.

It is not sanctions that have killed Zimbabwe, but Mugabe who cannot fire corrupt officials because they are his running boys in his own corrupt transactions, and they do the running during working time at the expense of the tax payer.

Ngavaende (They must go), and it is your vote that will get them to go.  

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