Mberengwa livens up as MDC-T launch Bereka Mwana campaign

The MDC-T Youth Assembly on Saturday launched the Bereka Mwana campaign at Mataga growth point in Mberengwa as part of the party's drive to drum up voter registration hype among the young people. The campaign is aimed at ensuring that at least 2 million youths register to vote ahead of the 2018 watershed elections.

Happymore Chidziva

So far the MDC-T has launched the campaign in several parts of the Midlands province targeting senatorial constituencies. This was after the national event that was held in Harare and presided over by party president and former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

At the Mberengwa event, netball and football teams comprising of party supporters battled it out for top prizes on a day that saw scores of villagers braving the chilly and drizzling weather to attend the oversubscribed occasion.

There was however some moments of anxiety after police tried to stop the event saying Transport minister Joram Gumbo who was having a soccer tournament in Mberengwa North, had sent word to the effect that he also wanted to use the same venue for his party business. The MDC-T youths resisted the order and the campaign went ahead as planned.

Addressing youths during the prize giving ceremony, MDC-T Youths Assembly chairperson Happymore “Leader Cde Bvondo” Chidziva said the destiny of young people depends on removing Mugabe from power next year to pave way for a new government led by Tsvangirai.

“I can see that there are a lot of young people here. Most of you are unemployed and you are not succeeding in pursuing your dreams. The reason why that is so is because Mugabe and his Zanu (PF) party have closed all opportunities for youths and ruined the country to an extent where the young people cannot have somewhere to start from. Now the solution to that crisis will just lie in you voting out the architects of your problems next year and those are Mugabe and Zanu (PF)” he said.

Chidziva implored youths to register to vote and dispel rumours that the biometric voter registration system is flawed and so people must boycott the process.

“When the voting process begins, lets all go there and register to vote. All our brothers and sisters here should throng the voter registration points so that come 2018, it becomes an endgame for Mugabe and Zanu (PF)” said the chairperson.

Brian Dube, the MDC-T youths spokesperson is on record saying the youth vote alone can dislodge Mugabe given the demographics existing like the population of youths in the country as a whole, compared to other age groups.

Said the top lawyer in an earlier interview with this publication: “The youths constitute quite a significant number of the population. Our target is that we have about 2 million youths of our p[arty supporters who register to vote and if that happens, the youths vote alone will dislodge Mugabe and Zanu (PF). The other votes from the old and other groups will just come to add to an already finished exercise.”

Bereka mwana tiende campaign is aimed at encouraging parents to urge their children , those between the age of 17-35 years to partake in national discourse, voter registration and the eventual vote for change in 2018, by voting for the party of excellence, MDC T and President Tsvangirai.

Within the same program and agenda, the youth Assembly has also other programs like the #99 campaign and the pioneer movement. These are programs aimed mainly to conscientise the youths on their obligation to participate in programs of national building and national leadership.

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