Mugabe You are a Bully Your Is Time Up!!!

Allow me through your uncensored paper to air my views on my beloved Zimbabwe that has been destroyed by none other than Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs. We as Zimbabweans have heard enough of the talking and not acting the time is now as Zimbabweans to come together as one and rise up against this monster Dictator Mugabe and anything to do Zanu Pf because they have destroyed our country and oppressed our people to the core, we have become the laughing stock of the world.

The torture, intimidation, suffering and violence that we have been subjected to by Mugabe has pushed our people to the point of living in fear. Mugabe you have had your 36 years of destroying our country the time for you to go is now, otherwise like the Gadhafi   you will die on the streets of Zimbabwe like a dog.

Mugabe if you think you are going to deceive and hoodwink us again by rigging the elections and inviting opposition for another tripe unity government (wakajaidzwa namai vako) this time we will drive you and your cronies out of Zimbabwe.(kusanyara nekuchembera kwawaita) You have made us suffer, enough is enough this time we will force you to go by Ginya (unotopabva chete!!!). Mugabe why don’t you go in the Old people’s home in Singapore rather than waste our money on steroids, surely you are a walking corpse. Mugabe you have really destroyed our country now it’s a basket case that you and your Zanu PF thugs continue to strip bare. Grace Mugabe lets warn you Don’t you Dare think that you will Rule us, if you are not careful you will run away from Zimbabwe like a dog, the time is now for you to find a place in Singapore, Zimbabwe will be in our hands this time we have reached a point of no return, the time is now for us to drive Mugabe and anything that has to do Zanu PF out of our country.

People of Zimbabwe for how long are we going to be cowards the time is now to rise up and drive Mugabe out, we need our Zimbabwe back. Let’s forget about the elections they are rigged already and the results are in Mudede’s office as we speak. By participating in this elections we are rubber stamping another 5 years of violence, intimidation, suffering, rape, murder and torture. We can’t have another failed state from Mugabe regime this time (Tajamuka zvamuchose). Mugabe at some point you went on record after the atrocities in Matabeleland that if you can be Hitler let you be ten Fold, for sure you are the Morden time Hitler and you will burn in hell. Mugabe you have no heart, you have managed to torture the entire country, I say so because hunger is the greatest form of torture as it does not discriminate it even targets the innocent children of Zimbabwe. Mugabe you are the most evil Dictator this world has ever seen. Mugabe we can’t stand you and your heartless former secretary so called Dr Grace. Grace is learning from Mugabe as well by evicting Mazoe residents so that you can own the Mazoe Dam. Grace you have made families suffer by your actions. Grace time your time is up!!!Mugabe you have bullied us so much, we now feel like foreigners in our own country, you have stripped us our sovereignty, we have no rights, no freedom of speech and above all you have taken our right to excises our vote, the very basic thing we went to war for, now our liberators have become our biggest oppressors Shame on you Mugabe and your Zanu PF thugs. Mugabe you are a bully your time is up!!!

By Thandiwe Moyo (Human Rights Activist)

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