Young idiots

When our youths in politics parrot the yesteryear dreams of the old as their hope for a better future then you know you are in trouble. Political slogans are dead.

Fadzayi Mahere

When the young cannot find the audacity  to converge amongst themselves  to create the future they desire but would rather discredit each other based on meaningless political brands and slogans you know that they are foolish in their exuberance.

When the young sing the names of their party leader but cannot sing the songs of their own emancipation and the songs of their dreams and their children’s dreams it means they are lost.

Only our young have the monopoly of the future yet they fight for old men whose time has come  and gone.

Wake up young Zimbabweans from your slumber. It’s time to realise that nobody else besides yourselves will create the future your desire. That is the nature of politics and power.

Fadzayi Mahere leading by example.

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