Mutsvangwa indeed lied that Mnangagwa had talks with Tsvangirai

Man of God, Father Fidelis Mukonori’s revelation that MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai made efforts to approach President Emmerson Mnangagwa to discuss a “way forward” for Zimbabwe after President Mugabe’s resignation, but was snubbed by Mnangagwa, proves beyond doubt that Morgan Tsvangirai is an honest man who does not want to negatively expose his rivals. Tsvangirai therefore was being honest to say Mnangagwa did reach out to the MDC-T, but he was polite enough not to embarrass the President by saying the President shunned him.

Chris Mutsvangwa

According to Father Mukonori’s expose, there was never a meeting, neither was there discussion between the two political opponents, giving credence to Tsvangirai’s denial that there had been no discussion whatsoever. Tsvangirai should be credited for doing what Zimbabweans expected, as the majority of Zimbabweans who celebrated expected some kind of working relationship between or among political parties in order to soft land the Zimbabwe crisis. Many people I spoke to said they were looking forward to a government of national unity to manage the country for a period of at least two years to stabilise the economy as happened during the Government of National Unity.

A Government of National Unity does not seem to have been in the interest of either Zanu PF or the MDC-T as Zanu PF sort to complete its term in power, which hopefully will be the last term because Zimbabwe needs a break from corruption. On the other hand, Morgan Tsvangirai wanted, as put by Father Mukonori, to discuss a “way forward”, and in his own explanation to Zimeye, the way forward he needed was a transitional mechanism – not a Government of National Unity – that would prepare the ground for a free and fair election. The transitional mechanism, as later explained by the MDC-T, was something outside Cabinet. I am glad the MDC Alliance still seems to be open to such a mechanism. It was then this transitional authority outside Cabinet that functionally illiterate Special Advisor to the President, Christopher Mutsvangwa, mistook for an intention by the MDC-T as a demand for a position by Morgan Tsvangirai. Mutsvangwa needs to re-school if he is to offer sound advice apart from advising on unconstitutional means of campaigning that involve the army.

Zanu PF mistook the happiness displayed by the people of Zimbabwe who, as correctly pointed out by Mutsvangwa, celebrated globally, as support for Zanu PF. People simply celebrated the removal of a dictator, and hoped for a Government of National Unity that would stabilise the economy and give them breathing space. With the false hope of support, Zanu PF then decided to go it alone, a position that was unwittingly revealed by Patrick Chinamasa and Joseph Chinotimba who were recorded in interviews saying this was a Zanu PF alone project, despite the massive support by Zimbabweans across the political divide.

Zanu PF is obviously hoping on delivering some quick gains and call for early elections while people still have the false hope that Mnangagwa’s government will improve the lives of Zimbabweans. However, revelations by Christopher Mutsvangwa and Josiah Hungwe that Zanu PF will use the army in its elections campaign, reiterated in front of media and foreign dignitaries at the just ended Zanu PF Congress, and a similarly ugly assertion by Fortune Charumbira that Zanu PF will once again abuse chiefs to campaign for Zanu PF, should send a clear message to Zimbabweans that Zanu PF has not changed from its violent and abusive past and has no concern for the people of Zimbabwe and want power at all cost. These revelations should also send a strong message to SADC countries, especially South Africa whose ANC sent representatives who read a solidarity statement at the Zanu PF Congress, that Zanu PF is not prepared to implement reforms that will result in credible elections which are not contested.

The time for Zimbabweans to act to free themselves is the 2018 elections, where Zanu PF must be buried once and for all. Those who have not registered to vote should do so.
The time for SADC, the African Union, and the United Nations to act to prevent another election fraud in Zimbabwe is now. Without these two things happening (massive votes against Zanu PF and international intervention to guarantee free and fair elections), all living Zimbabweans will suffer for the rest of their lives.
Those of us with access must dig out the dirty tricks being used in the rural areas, where people are being forced to show their voter registration slips to headmen and being told that they will be dealt with if they do not vote for Mnangagwa and Zanu PF. Such evidence must brought before Mnangagwa to deal with, and he should be exposed if he doesn’t deal with such cases.
Already, a few days after the Zanu PF, the public awaits to see if he will punish Christopher Mutsvangwa, Josiah Hungwe and Chief Fortune Fortune Charumbira who have told the world that Zanu PF will use the army and the chiefs as part of its campaign strategy, a practice that is unconstitutional and therefore criminal.

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