Mutsvangwa Reveals He Organised the Function That Led To Mnangagwa’s Humiliation | IS HE TELLING THE TRUTH?

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s personal advisor, Christopher Mutsvangwa has opened the lid saying he was part of the team that organised the booing of former First Lady Grace Mugabe at the Bulawayo Youth Interface Rally last month in November.

Christopher Mutsvangwa

The events of the last 8 weeks have been filled with much drama that saw the whole world turning its cameras on Zimbabwe. The highy animated and riveting scenery included President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his former boss, Robert Mugabe. Mnangagwa was humiliated to the extent of being labeled a border jumper when he was eventually forced out of Zimbabwe.

This all began when at the Bulawayo rally on the 4th November when Mugabe screamed out that he was just about to drop Mnangagwa down. It was at that rally that his wife, Grace was booed.

The latest developments have seen a stampede by ZANU PF members as they compete on claiming they were the heroes of the moment. :ast week, former War Vets Minister Tshinga Dube laid claim that he was the one who organised the booing.

But this time, Mnangagwa’s advisor Mutsvangwa has also begun claiming the credits.

Mutsvangwa has been quoted by the NewsDay paper while reportedly giving details on the historic plot to topple Robert Mugabe.

Mutsvangwa said, “we did everything in our power to remove Mugabe, but Mnangagwa was never part of it. He was Zanu PF VP and it became apparent to us that it was impossible to force him to dump the party and Mugabe.

“We could not have spoken on his behalf because we had been expelled, but the booing in Bulawayo was a watershed moment we organised and celebrated. It exposed Mugabe for who he was and opened Mnangagwa’s eyes to what was going on. I must say though that we will always cherish any attempt at unity by the liberation movements or any political parties in our country.”

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