Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) Statement with the Women of Hwange

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) stands with the women of Hwange who have taken up the cause for workers’ rights and the rights of women, which have been violated by the failure of Hwange Colliery Company Limited (HCCL) to pay the incomes and benefits of the HCCL workers for the last the past five years.

HCCL is a public enterprise whose operations and management has exploited workers and the community of Hwange without meaningful benefits, rewards and incentives for the past five years.

We stand in solidarity with the 600 women and children picketing in Hwange. We stand with the activists who have been raising their voices for the past 17 days that they will not allow the continued violation of their human rights through the abuse and disrespect of the rights of their respective family members rights to decent work and due wages.

We note with grave concern the insincerity of the negotiating parties to fully resolve the long-standing dispute to progressively address the issues bedeviling the HCCL. We call upon the Government, HCCL and the respective authorities to honor their commitments to workers of Hwange and stop the exacerbated infringement of the rights and the dignity of women and men in the Hwange community.

We call upon all those who seek to live in a Zimbabwe that provides for all to support the cause of those in Hwange by raising their voices, supporting those who are picketing and calling upon the state to honor its commitments and resolve the Hwange crisis.

We note with disappointment the continued silence of the Ministry of Labour on the current workers’ violations in Hwange.  We therefore urge government, through Ministry of Labour to ensure that this modern day slavery comes to an end through not only ensuring that concerns of employees in Hwange are addressed but also ensuring that dignity of employees is restored.

No to wage theft. No to the abuse of women.


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