Election Violence 2008 – here is the evidence

The Zimbabwean newspaper published numerous verified reports of election violence in 2008. Here is a selection from our archives for anyone whose memory needs jogging.

MDC Outraged By Police Raids

Published: 27.4.2008

The MDC is outraged and dismayed by the continued abuse of innocent civilians by ZANU PF through the use of the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

We note that as in previous cases such as Murambatsvina where Zimbabweans were displaced from their homes at the hands of the police on the orders of the Mugabe government it is mostly women and children that are not only exposed to the vagaries of the cold whether but also are having to deal with the social trauma that is inflicted on them as a result of the abuses.

It should be noted that each time the ZANU PF leader, Robert Mugabe makes some inflammatory statements about his perceived enemies, it has been followed by a wave of violence in the country and we would want to believe that the current wave is no different to previous ones. We call on ZANU PF leaders especially their President, Robert Mugabe to issue a condemnatory statement and order a stop to violence forthwith.

Today the ZRP raided Harvest House in Harare, the Headquarters of MDC Morgan Tsvangirai and indiscriminately arrested youths, staff members and displaced people from rural areas who had sought refuge in the building. It will be noted that all the displaced people are victims of state sponsored violence since the results of the March 29, 2008 Parliamentary elections were announced.

The further raids on ZESN offices by the ZRP speaks volumes of ZANU PF’s intention to silence voices and subvert the will of the people expressed so loudly in the March 2008 elections. It will be noted that the MDC National Council unequivocally resolved that the ZEC should forthwith respect the will of the people and dignity by immediately releasing the results of the Presidential Elections.

The use of the ZRP and other states agencies to brutalize and harass innocent Zimbabweans whose only crime was to exercise their democratic right is unacceptable and is an affront to human dignity. The MDC calls upon the ZRP to behave in a manner consistent with a professional police force and desist from allowing it to be used as an instrument of oppression and terror by the regime of Robert Mugabe.

As the MDC led by Professor Arthur Mutambara, we call on SADC to immediately send a delegation to Zimbabwe to investigate the human rights violations that are taking place in the country now. We further call upon SADC, African Union and the rest of the international family to assist Zimbabwe in all possible manner so as to avert an unfolding humanitarian catastrophe. In the meantime, we call upon all human rights groups to urgently assist in providing shelter and support to all persons displaced by the political violence.

Priscilla Misihairabwi- Mushonga

Deputy Secretary General

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