Peer Support Group Programme Graduations

AMP ran the first round of our peer support programme in the first quarter of 2018 – with 37 young people in four youth groups, and over 120 adults in 17 groups for men, women, or mixed adults. The youth groups ran in Wynberg and Maitland, and the adults in six areas of Cape Town that have a large refugee population.

These are some comments:

“I thought they were going to give me some kind of training like a waiter or so on but then I started and I realised I was wrong but what they gave me was much more important, they equipped me with knowledge that makes me stand. Adonis Musati Project has affected me in a very positive way, a lot of things have changed positively in my life starting from my family, my workplace……I wish I could keep attending these lessons.

“(Zimbabwean male participant) “What I liked was about the sharing of stories. I didn’t know I can share with someone I did not know from my story, but now I see that the other ladies can help me to solve my problems, so that’s the most thing I loved and now I get a lot of friends and I have more ladies that I know if I have a problem they can support me.” (Somali female participant)

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