Time to Kick Out ED and Zanu PF Thugs!!!

Zimbabwean’s this is our time to kick out Zanu PF thugs out of our parliament including ED. The man seems is the head of the Zanu Pf thugs, he promised to name and shame and to arrest criminals surrounding Mugabe but now 100 days has gone what has he done, come up with a doctored list.

Emmerson Mnangagwa

What was surprising on that list is that his chief criminal Orbert Mpofu and his entire cronies and G40 cabals were missing. Are you really taking us for fools ED?? Our 15 billion is unaccounted for because ED and Mpofu are the chief culprits. Zimbabwean’s let us not be deceived by Zanu Pf. They are a party of career criminals; they are in this to loot our country off the riches time to vote them out is now.

ED wanted us to believe him as the messiah when he was indeed the most evil during Mugabes era. Nothing has changed in you, look at the chaos during the Zanu PF primaries when your advisor Mutsvangwa lost the election he abused the government letter head to say the police and army where involved. My question is if he was an opposition candidate will that have happened???

So your advisor has told us that the police and the army is used  to rig in the polling stations yet you promised free and fair elections that are CREDIBLE??? One of your bill boards says “Vote ED for Free and fair elections” when you cannot provide them now when in power.  Are you seriously taking us for a ride? Only a solus stutus would believe anything from ED and Zanu PF Thugs. Zanu PF believe in their minds that that they are the only party that has the right to rule and govern our country.

Just like you did to your geriatric boss, dictator Mugabe, if you rig the elections as is Zanu PF s norm this time the Zimabwean people will push you out. I can refer to Thomas Mapfumo’s song chauya Chauya Mu Zimabawe. Mukanya encouraged the youth to take it in their hands this time. When over a million disgruntled Zimbabweans come out to force Mugabe to go, there were no Zanu Pf supporters. So Zanu Pf don’t be misled to think that those were your supporters.

For all Zimbabwean’s this is the right time to push the thugs out. Surely we cannot afford another 5 years of Zanu PF, we have suffered enough and the international community should not be fooled to believe that things have changed in Zimbabwe. Zanu Pf is still ruling with fear and intimidation, there is no rule of law in Zimbabwe, our government is the most corrupt in southern Africa.

ED and Zanu Pf would want the international community to believe them, so they continue to loot in Zimbabwe. Zanu PF politicians have a believe that for one to be rich they have to have a position in the government and they have a shona term “Zanu inodyisa or tirikudya neZanu” meaning for one to be rich he has to join Zanu Pf, they have no interest of the people at all. Most of them live in more affluent suburbs like Borrowdale and still want to be an MP in Mt Darwin when you don’t even know how the locals are living. To the locals I say please only vote for the people who live in your areas, those are the people who will understand your plight and will represent you in parliament.

Zimbabweans please do not be fooled by ED and Zanu PF. There was pandemonium in one constituency where ED son rigged the elections in Zanu PF primaries. That’s corruption to the highest order. Seems corruption is in Zanu Pf DNA. Nothing will ever change in Zimbabwe under ED and Zanu PF, as we have seen in the first 100 days. ED is just talking the talk which is what Zanu PF has done over the years lie to the people of Zimbabwe only for them to benefit. To opposition I say do not join any coalition with Zanu PF, we will force them out this time as was summed up by Mukanya, people are no longer afraid now chauya chauya shuwa, time to kick out ED and his Zanu Thugs is now.

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