We Don’t Believe you ED and Zanu PF!!!

Allow me to air my radical views in your paper. ED Mnangagwa and Zanu PF are taking Zimbabweans for fools, they continue to deceive and hoodwink us.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

What a shame you have had 38 years of oppressing us and you still have the guts to continue. ED was part of the machinery for Mugabe he was the state security minister who ordered the massacre of the Ndebele people and at one point referred to the them as cockroaches.

We have seen how much money you have spent on the bill boards, motor bikes, and luxury campaign cars, while our hospitals have serious shortages of medication and equipment. You said Zimbabwe is open for business when the resources in terms of man power is in serious medical crises. Zimbabwean’s now are paying for funeral policies rather than medical policies. How can it be open for business when it is not open for medical facilities? The investors will want to invest in a healthy environment. We have no clean drinking water which is a basic-necessity and 100 days have lapsed and you want us to believe that all will be well under your government??

How are we going to believe that you are going to build 1.5 million houses in the next five years when you can’t even solve crises of basics in Zimbabwe? You promised to prosecute all your friends who had stolen from the government, the big thug Obert Mpofu is still in office, we know the deals that you were a part of with Mpofu playing the lead singer that’s why you can’t even charge him as he will expose you. He was bullish in front of the parliamentarians which shows that he has your backing. ED do you really think we will believe you after what you said on your inauguration and what we have witnessed in over 100 days now? One notable change from my uncle is of course the shape of the scud. Your legacy is now that Mbanje is legal in Zimbabwe, how about our hospitals, your VP General Chiwenga decided to use his army style of sacking all the striking nurses, when our constitution allows them to demonstrate if they are not happy with their salaries and working conditions.

Our hospitals are ill equipped, when your dear wife visited the hospitals we thought things were going to change but rather what we saw was a delivery of a fleet of luxurious brand new cars for the chiefs and as if that was not enough a fleet of campaign bikes followed and now we see many bill boards which we are told are very expensive. Would we believe someone who priorities his power ambitions egos and ignore national crises? I beg to differ and so is many Zimbabweans, are fed up with your crocked ways. You are going around preaching that will have fair free and credible elections???? Seriously with what we have witnessed within your own Zanu Pf Primary elections. We are not fools we know that only true Democracy in Zimbabwe not your military Junta will deliver free fair credible elections in Zimbabwe. All this will need necessary reforms to facilitate these demands.

Your recently released manifesto talks about middle income country by 2030, seriously do you think we will believe that from a bunch of thugs who have ruined our country for the past 38 years. I am afraid in your manifesto your got it wrong as always. In ED we have always being cautious because we believed were being made to choose between the devil and Lucifer. Zimbabwean’s let us not be fooled this is the man who was behind Mugabe’s atrocities, ED is evil and his hands are full of blood from what he did during Gukurahundi, the man like Mugabe is trying to protect himself from being sent to The Hague. What he committed were crimes against humanity because more than 20 000 Ndebele’s were butchered by ED and the North Korean trained fifth brigade under his leadership. Surely can we believe him offering an olive branch. Not at all.

Human Rights Activist: Michelle Shingaidzo Makoni

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