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As the Presidential results are released tonight or whenever they are released I want to share some encouragement. There can only be one President at a time so I know some of you will celebrate and others will be sad at that point. Everyone wants their candidate to win. But I want you to know that worldly governments come and go but in the heavenly kingdom this is our kind of government:
“There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace…” Isaiah 9:7

A few eternal truths to hold on to even in these times and always:

1. Your destiny and success is not dependent on the occupants of State House, but the One who sits in the Throne Room
2. Your times and seasons are in the hands of the Lord and they shall not be altered or adjusted by anyone or anything.
3. All things work together for your good, including the government of the day, even that Ward Councillor and MP from the party you didn’t vote for
4. You operate according to God’s agenda, calendar and timeline because your “times and seasons are in His hands”
5. Where you are is not who you are. Your situation is not your destination. You will flourish wherever you are planted even in 🇿🇼
6. Your blessing is not determined by geography but by divinity
7. Your life is bigger than the politics of the day

Having established these truths what do you do? Good question. Here are some practical things to do:

* Have a plan to succeed/prosper regardless of who is in State House. Your destiny is too big to outsource to one person who is voted every 5 years
* Avoid toxic and negative conversations about why this or that person could be better as your Councillor, MP or President – you will live with them for next 5 years
* When the wind blows some build windbreakers others build windmills. Be the latter and position yourself
* Leave politics to politicians – rise above it and move on. It takes a heart to forgive and a head/brain to move on
* Don’t curse your country. Bless it with your words.
* Wake up everyday and tell yourself that “I am an answer to Zimbabwe’s tough and stubborn questions”
* Dress up. Show up and show up early…

Declare this prayer:

Dear Lord.
You have given me a great work to accomplish. I war for the releasing of finances and all resources that belong to me. Every single plan concerning my life will come to pass. No more delays or denial. I call forth resources from south, east, north and west. I am ready and equal to every challenge and opportunity in this season. Amen!

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