Stalemate between Zimbabwe and Morocco

International Master Rodwell Makoto redeemed the country after saving the team in an interesting duel which he won a mouth-watering game that left amazed as they failed to understand how he really got someone in the corner yet he was the one under intense pressure.

He removed the attack and swindled his opponent in a very interesting
fashion. The game was another draw making it a third draw Zimbabwe got
at these competitions. The fifth round had a lot of fireworks as
players were on each other throats as they seized every opportunity in
the game. There was a fierce battle on board one where International
Master Rodwell Makoto battled it out against International Master
Tissir Mohamed whose rating is 2388 against Makoto’s 2338 rating.
At one time some people thought that Makoto was going to be swindled but
alas that was a story for another day as the tactical Makoto found a
killer Rg8+ which left Tissir with a piece down after his Bishop was
collected. Tissir had no option but to resign as he could not stop the
marching pawn on c6 which was a passed pawn.
This game was the game of the day as it saved the Zimbabwean team from the
jaws of defeat and the team was thrilled by the series of correct moves which were
hard thought by the tactical International Master Makoto. Not to be outdone
was Candidate Master Spencer Masango who won his game against
Aithmidou with a rating of 2244. Spencer Masango had the black pieces
and converted in a very tactical fashion in which the later was forced
to exchange his Queen to avert a mate, but the material was enough for
Masango to convert the game. Emerald Mushore played with the black
pieces against International Master Onkoud, Abdel with a rating of
2315. Mushore lost a tightly contested game which at one time seemed
to be drawn but think he miscalculated in the ending as he failed to
contain a passed pawn on the h-file.
Infact one might say that Mushore might have pushed so hard for a win which
however turned as a pendulum. Zhemba Jemusse returned on the checkered board
after resting against the Mexicans. He however lost his game after wrongly
sacrificing on h5 square. The same square that haunted Elisha Thabo in
his loss on the Mexican game which resulted in him losing a Queen.
Overall the team played to a 2-2 draw. The team faces Nigeria in the
sixth round and this promises to be a very exciting duels. By the time
of writing there were no teams which were published. The probable team
for Zimbabwe is International Master Makoto on board one, Emerald
Mushore on board two, Zhemba Jemusse on board three and Spencer
Masango on board four. The ladies lost their game today.
Woman Candidate Master Kudzanai Charinda and WCM Christine Makwena
picked up some draws against their opponents. Overall the team lost 3-1. The
other two Zimbabwean ladies Colleta Wakuruwarehwa and Nomalungelo
Mathe lost their games. The winning team which they played against is
Chile. The Zimbabwean ladies play against Panama on Sunday. Hoping
that they pull a trigger against a side which they defeated in the
42nd chess Olympiads held in Baku in 2016. Interesting duel it will be
as these teams meet because there a lot of expectations.

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