Zanu PF panics, attempts to soil MDC celebrations

The MDC expresses its gratitude to the people of Zimbabwe for coming out in overwhelming numbers to celebrate 19 years of the existence of the people’s movement, the MDC.

We are humbled by the expression of belief in the hope that the MDC continues to offer. Hope for the only viable alternative to bad governance, corruption, incompetence, tyranny, patronage and autocracy.

We thank those who attended for handling themselves in a peaceful and orderly manner. We also thank those who could not make it but supported us online, in spirit and in prayers.

The MDC does not take the support lightly.m

The support was from various stakeholders including the churches, civic society, the labour movement, students, war veterans, the MDC membership and ordinary Zimbabweans.

The MDC notes with concern a statement from ZANU PF through its spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo, we find the statement to be desperate bordering on malice and bent on disrupting the prevailing atmosphere of peace.

Such statements are unacceptable especially coming from a senior politician who claims to be a patriot; no patriot will utter words with potential to incite citizens against each other.

There is nothing treasonous about what the MDC or Vice President did, those were moments of happiness and celebrations. It is clear to all that Zanu PF’s attempts to cover up for its electoral theft has failed. The people are aware that the people’s President is Nelson Chamisa.

It is therefore no crime for them to acknowledge that.

The MDC will not allow anyone to criminalize the right to assemble or express ourselves.

The MDC is aware that failed Zanu PF did not want us to hold this gathering in the first place.
They used all sorts of excuses including hiding behind cholera.

We have seen attempts by Zanu PF to monopolize political space, they tried to close democratic space relentlessly.

The MDC leadership has been persecuted; ordinary Zimbabweans were killed on the 1st of August.  One is on trial for insulting Chigumba , the other for insulting Mnangagwa a similar trend which we saw under Mugabe.

The past has never left. Khaya Moyo’s statements are therefore part of the method in the madness; they are not isolated from these barbaric acts.

We demand that he reverses these statements forthwith; he must apologize to the MDC and the people of Zimbabwe for an unwarranted attempt to malign the party of excellence.

The MDC will ensure a democratic, just and free society where the rights of citizens are not curtailed.

The time for super citizens who criminalize everything except boot-licking of Zanu PF leaders is coming to an end.

We remain resolute. We remain the winners.

Behold the New, Change that delivers!

Jacob Mafume
MDC National Spokesperson

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