Nelson Chamisa: Zimbabwe Facing Leadership Crisis, Rampant Corruption

WASHINGTON — Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Nelson Chamisa says Zimbabwe is facing a leadership crisis, lack of a vision and rampant corruption resulting in serious socio-economic and political problems.

MDC supporters at a rally in Chinhoyi.
MDC supporters at a rally in Chinhoyi.

Addressing thousands of people Sunday in Chinhoyi, Mashonaland West province, Chamisa said the southern African nation’s problem won’t end as long as Zanu PF is in power.

He said, amid audience applause, “The crisis in the country is a crisis of governance, the crisis in the country is a crisis of leadership, the crisis in the country is a crisis of lack of a vision. Former American president (Bill) Clinton was once asked about problems in America and his response was that it’s the economy stupid.

“In Zimbabwe if someone asks me about what is happening I will tell the person that ‘it is governance stupid, it is leadership stupid, it is corruption stupid, it is unity stupid, it is lack of a vision stupid’.”

Chamisa further told the crowd that there won’t be any economic transformation unless the President Emmerson Mnangagwa admitted that his party stole the “people’s vote in July this year.”

He said he was prepared to lead the MDC until “we remove Zanu PF from power”.

Responding to Chamisa’s remarks, Zanu PF’s Central Committee member, Believe Gaule, said Chamisa should “grow up and understand that Mnangagwa is the legitimately-elected president of Zimbabwe.”

Gaule said, “These MDC people are not serious about problems facing our nation. They don’t want to discuss this matter with government as they are focusing on useless public protests which will not revive our economy.”

Chamisa and Mnangagwa have ruled out forming a government of national unity even if the Zimbabwean president has suggested that the MDC leader can be accommodated in his government through creating a position of the leader of the opposition in parliament.

Chamisa says he will never recognize Mnangagwa’s leadership as his party stole the July 30 elections.

The Constitutional Court ruled in favour of Mnangagwa after Chamisa challenged his election in court.

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