Zimbabwe Peace Demo a resounding success

The MDC expresses its gratitude to Zimbabweans who thronged Africa Unity Square to mark the beginning of action against dictatorship, a failing economy and the suffering of the citizens.

The demonstration was a success, a clear message that the people of Zimbabwe will not just watch while their dreams being washed down the drain. We demonstrated our will to reclaim Zimbabwe. We make mention of everyone who braved the weather, placing priority and expressing the desire to ensure that the future of the next generations is secure.

More importantly is the show of our peaceful nature that we repeated yet again against a background of prophets of doom and darkness, who predicted and plotted violence.

The MDC is committed to continue leading the campaign for the return to legitimacy.

We take this opportunity to inform the public that we await a response from those who received the petition, and shall communicate further action if need be until our call yield results.

We however, make mention of unfortunate incidents of threats being sent to our parliamentarians through text messages. The messages sent to several MPs are as follows,

Zita rangu ndonzi “Death” Mafreedoms nemarights amunoda kukoshesa aya be careful kuti security in numbers haiwanzobatsiri kana wawega. We are gunning for you!”

Loosely translated “My name is death. Be careful about these freedoms and rights you want to advocate for. Don’t be secure in numbers, because we hunt you down when you are by yourself. We are gunning for you.”

Such threats fertilize our struggle, however they must be investigated and the culprits brought to justice.

Behold the New. Change that delivers!

Jacob Mafume
MDC National Spokesperson

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