MDC celebrates people living with disabilities

The MDC joins the world in commemorating the International Day of People Living with disabilities running under the theme “Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality.”

Like the rest of the world, the MDC is committed to empowering people living with disabilities with the view to achieve inclusive, equitable and sustainable development envisaged in Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030).

It is our view that the state must take positive steps to ensure full participation of every citizen in political, socio-economic activities in Zimbabwe.

Towards the 2018 election, the people’s President, Advocate Nelson Chamisa met with representatives of people living with disabilities with the view to consult them on how their participation can be enhanced.After the consultations, the MDC in its blueprint the SMART pledge, noted that people living with disability incur extra costs in the quest to ensure they compete with the able bodied in society.

In the document, the MDC committed to introduce a disability grant with a special Board established to manage the fund including the responsibility to assess the extent and severity of the disability and make recommendations of the amounts allowed on applicants.

The MDC also committed to undertake the following steps:

  1. Offer private sector incentives for all companies employing disabled people.
  2. Ensure significant representation in decision making organs of the State.
  3. Availability of versions of all acts of parliament, statutory instruments, public policies and public documents on sign language and braille.
  4. Structural compliance on all public buildings and accessibility to all public amenities.

In commemorating International Day of people living with Disabilities, the MDC recommits to the above pledge and create a society where every individual is free to pursue happiness and more importantly build a shared and inclusive economy.

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Dennis Mudzingwa
Secretary for Special Needs and People Living with Disabilities

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