Political analysts in Zimbabwe have lashed out at the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, saying it remains unaccountable on rights abuses. Picture: Xinhua/Shaun Jusa


The scathing attack follows the promotion of Anselem Sanyatwe to the rank of major-general only days before the Mothlanthe Commission into post-electoral violence on August 1 established that the military and police were responsible for the shooting deaths of a number of civilians, Pindula News reported on Monday.

“Those particular members of the military and the police found to have been in breach of their professional duties and discipline on the 1 August 2018 should be identified as soon as possible for internal investigations and appropriate sanction, which should include hearing from the victims and their families for impact assessment and to provide the necessary compensation,” part of the commission’s report read.

However, according to a weekend blog by legal expert and political analyst, Alex Magaisa, “the commission’s verdict dismissed as false and dishonest, the weak defence and explanations that were given by senior military commanders during the hearings”, after they denied that the deaths were a result of the actions of the military whose professionalism they defended.

“The effect of the commission’s damning verdict is that these testimonies were false. This is a serious indictment on the integrity of military commanders who had vehemently vouched for the professionalism of their forces,” Magaisa said.

Another analyst, Macdonald Lewanika said Mnangagwa must come clean on the military, Pindula News reported.

“It is curious that directly involved parties would be promoted prior to the finalisation of a matter that they are party to,” Lewanika said.

“But that is the nature of this state and its regime, accountability is virtually non-existent, and promotions appear based on personal loyalties to those who hold the levers of power more than any discernible successes and competencies that the public can identify with.”