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The Zimbabwe Gender Commission (ZGC) is looking into the allegations after receiving information provided by a former employee, Nkosana Mthunzi, and the alleged victims.

The men are accused of sexual harassment by six of their former female juniors within the government department.

The ZGC said it also received three complaints from female employees who are still serving within the Immigration Department.

ZGC legal and investigation committee chair Victor Nkiwane said they had summoned the three men.

“In terms of the process, we gave notice to the respondents that they should appear before us and we gave them 14 days, which is what is required by law,” Nkiwane said.

“So we had the first complainant and the first respondent, and then we indicated to them the process that will take place. Then the respondent said that given what is going to take place, ‘I would like to seek legal representation’.”

Three of the complainants, who are still employed at the department, withdrew from the process for fear of victimisation.

“When we indicated that complainants were to give evidence in the presence of the respondents, those that are current employees decided not to appear. They withdrew from the process,” he said.

The hearings are set to be conducted behind closed doors as the commissioners fear that the complainants may be victimised.