MDC Youth concerned about increased abuse by state

The MDC Youth Assembly notes with concern the widespread and systematic killings, abductions, kidnappings, unlawful arrests, and abuse of law and law enforcement mechanisms.

The regime is in panic and has resorted to use the militia, and security forces to violate the nation, with intentions to hold on to power as well as to suppress the free expression of people’s concerns.

Instead of solving the fuel crisis, salary crisis, inflation, currency crisis, exchange rate nightmares, unemployment, shortage of commodities and determination of conditions of life, the government has invested in a costly and reckless exercise of repression.

The method of killing, beating, torturing, harassing, arresting and wrongly incarcerating citizens is not in anyway a solution to the Zimbabwean crisis.

WE demand an immediate end to the current crisis, end to abuse and return to legitimacy and the release of all political prisoners detained for persecution.

WE mourn with all families who lost their loved ones and wish speedy recoveries for those injured and nursing wounds in hospitals, clinics and homes. To those with loved ones in various prisons and other detention facilities, we are with you and pray that our lawyers be granted wisdom, intelligence and excellence to work hard to have these loved ones freed.

Brian Dube
MDC National Youth Spokesperson

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