Mnangagwa’s trip a dictatorship refresher course

Mnangagwa is taking a trip to four countries all under the rule of stinking dictatorships. He has always been maintaining relationships with countries like Belarus where autocracy reigns supreme.

His trip to these countries, therefore, comes not as a surprise to us in the MDC. It is a bid to take a refresher course for totalitarian, autocratic and fascist rule from the despots in these capitals.

This is against a background of increasingly closed democratic space in the country with teachers being arrested and dissent persecuted with Zanu PF displaying its true colours since the August 1 shootings.
We are aware that no economic benefit will be derived from his globetrotting just like the other trips his government embarked on in the past 12 months.

We are concerned by the abuse of tax payer’s money funding these trips while hospitals are closed and serious unrest arresting civil service.

A President who flies out for reasons of self-preservation and strengthening relations only for power retention is irresponsible and unfit to hold office.

This against a background of a country which is burning with meandering fuel queues, shortages, shocking inflation, closed hospital and education sector in intensive care. The money should have been used for urgent essentials.

Jacob Mafume
MDC National Spokesperson

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