What is “honest and responsive government in the opinion of Zimbabwean citizens?


The match between citizens’ aspirations and the promises made by political parties comes to fore most strongly when elections are pending. The presumption is that the parties contesting an election have been building their manifestos in a careful dialogue with their members, as well as finding ways to persuade the electorate at large to have confidence in the manifesto.

The big question is over the extent to which political parties really understand what citizens want from governance, and, has become clear in a major UN survey (MY WORLD. 2015), the desires are a mixture of both service delivery and governance issues. Asking 16 basic questions, the survey asked the respondents to choose the top six issues that they thought were crucial to
good governance.

Four questions dealt with governance issues: An honest and responsive government, equality between men and women, freedom from discrimination and persecution, and political freedoms. “Honest and responsive government” is one of the most common desires by citizens internationally, the sample now representing almost 9,736,484 respondents from 194 countries.

Read full report: What do Zimbabweans see as state responsiveness 17 October 2018 (1)

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