Madamombe Siblings the sky is the limit in Chess

The future of Zimbabwean Chess is very bright as young players are fast becoming the successors of the old guard in the chess fraternity! A breed of young players has surfaced and among them, the players to be looked at who have a lot of potential in the game are Tinaye Madamombe, and Anotidaishe Madamombe the children from a chess-playing family.

The father Chenjerai Madamombe is an Arbiter who is Fide certified as well as a National Instructor again a certification he got from Fide the highest chess body in the world. These are youngsters with a lot of potentials who can do a lot in the game of chess if given the exposure as well as the resources to use for the development to take place. They can go places. Their ages speak volumes hence the reason for the nurturing of the talent which they have to enable a better chess future for the country.

Tinaye Madamombe and Anotidaishe Madamombe are siblings who started playing the game of chess at very tender ages. They have travelled extensively taking part in different international tournaments some as far as Greece. The boy and girl grew up and started the game from kindergarten. On the local is scene at Easter Open of 2016 Tinaye
Madamombe was the second best under 12 player while he was only aged 7. John Chibvuri of the Glen Norah Knights Chess Academy opined that,”

Tinaye played very well and that his tactical ability is brilliant on the board.” Tinaye also took part in the African Youth Chess Championships which were held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 2016, Botswana African Schools Individuals Chess Championships, Botswana Open 2017. The players also played at the Capablanca Memorial chess tournament which was hosted in Pretoria, South Africa. Kenya hosted the African Youth Chess Championships sometime in 2018 which he also took part in and this exposure saw him defeating some of the rated players. In the process, he was amassing some rating points which are very crucial in the development of a chess player. He also took part in the World Schools chess championships which were hosted by Romania and took place from the 22nd to the 30th of April 2017.

The siblings were together in this tournament as well as Woman Candidate Master then Refiloe Mudodo who is now a Woman Fide Master and Zimbabwe’s youngest WFM at the age of 14. This is the world‘s biggest tournament in which they took part in and more than 50 countries took part in this chess fiesta. Tinaye is the National defending champion of the under 10 boys’ category from a Primary Learners tournament which was held in Plumtree last year. He finished that tournament with 6.5/7 points. He will be out to defend the title sometime in July at a tournament to be hosted by Mashonaland West, in Bindura.

Anotida Madamombe is a young female chess player who is calm on the chess board and full of nerves as she will be playing her game. Many female giants have fallen prey to the tactical prowess of the young girl who has a lot of experience which she attained while playing for the nation at different tournaments regionally and internationally.

At a tournament that was held in Kisumu in Kenya, she once led the pack and was ahead of Namibia’s WCM Hinda Otilia. She is currently ranked second in the whole of Africa in her age group. The young lady once surprised a 30-year-old player at the Ambassador hotel. She played well and coordinated her pieces well orchestrating a good combination which leads to checkmate. There is a lot of potential for the Lendy Park Primary learner who is also good at her academics. She is able to balance her academics and sport. The attributes of chess are really being shown in the young girl and the boy as they are well disciplined and calm such that they execute their duties wholeheartedly

She is very calm, composed and relaxed when playing her game. The young crop of girls can for sure make up the Olympiad chess in the future. Who knows the composition of the teams to come in the next two or three Olympiads? Anotida was among the winners at the St. Johns Chess festival when her team was among the best performers at a tournament held sometime in May. She was the best player on her board finishing with 4.5 points out of the five games played. At the Glen Norah Knights Chess Academy tournament held on the 25th-26th of May she played in the ladies open section and she was the youngest player and got a special prize for her performance. Despite her age, the young girl is fearless against the experienced players of repute.

She draws her inspiration from the woman GrandMaster Susan Polgar who in her active years used to play aggressively against both male and female players. She got the highest title of Grandmaster which is conferred to males which shows how brilliant she was at the game. We just hope that the young player will be able to follow suit and one day Zimbabwe will be a chess-playing nation of repute.

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