Naming and shaming of corrupt people wrong

Whilst the actions of the ZANU PF youth league has to be applauded, the Youth League must be very careful when naming and shaming corrupt officials, their colleagues or people.

Obert Mpofu

The law states it clearly that one must take reasonable care not to harm their neighbour. It means to take due care and not be reckless during that process lest you defame innocent people. And then those people can sue you for defamation. In the eyes of the law being ignorant of the law is not a defence that can exculpate or exonerate one from being found on the wrong side of the law.

It would have been reasonable if they had been discreet in dealing with the alleged accusations. An allegation does not become true until it has been proven to be true by a competent court of law. Even if one gets arrested by the police, they are not guilty until proven beyond any reasonable doubt by a competent court of law. So, naming or making public names of suspects is not a modern way of dealing with any crime.

Instead by doing so, its an infraction (infringement)of the law. It is a fact that there is corruption in our country and it is a fact that that must stop, but legal ways have got to be employed. Cde Matutu is wrong by attacking Dr Mpofu. He Cde Matutu is breaking the law by what he is doing. One will expect some form of civility in dealing with such issues, as those are unsubstantiated allegations.

Having mentioned this, this does not mean people must not fight corruption. There are hotlines whereby one can report any criminal activities to the right authorities. Taking the law into one’s hands is not a reasonable solution.

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