New law to regulate churches in Zimbabwe,good news

This is good news, for there are many burgeoning Christian denominations which are specifically established for wrong objectives.

The purpose of a Christian denomination is solely to do the work of God. But nowadays many are established to milk people of their hard-earned money.

It is now Mercenaries v Missionaries. The Mercenaries are not serving the purpose of God. These are the ones that are money orientated. They also engage in tax evasion and money laundering. Hence its hats off to this ingenious Minister (Hon Mathema) for protecting the public by proposing a bill which when it becomes law, it will help a lot. Many people are taken advantage of by those denominations which were established or are established for the purpose of defrauding people.

Although a church falls under charitable organisations (by law), there must be the accountability of funds coming in and going out. An institution established solely for serving God is expected to be transparent in its dealings. This is not to say that the Christian denominations have no right to collect money from their members for the purposes of the work of God.

For all charitable organisations are by law allowed to do that. It’s just because of the situation obtaining a present that has prompted the Minister to take this course of action. The state has a duty to protect its citizens from any form of crimes.

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