Advocates of same sex are wrong to criticise Zimbabwe matrimonial causes laws

It is wrong for those that advocate for same-sex marriages to argue that the matrimonial causes laws of Zimbabwe discriminate against them.

The laws of a country are derived from its customs. It is deemed socially unacceptable in our culture and tradition to engage in a same-sex relationship. It is taboo. It’s against our norms and values. The European countries and other countries abroad included same-sex marriage in their matrimonial causes laws because that is socially acceptable in their cultures.
The same countries to do not accept polygamy, which is part of our culture. So, why not complain that their matrimonial causes laws are discriminatory ?. If one engages in polygamy in those countries, one can be arrested for committing a crime of bigamy. So, culture and laws of any jurisdiction are intertwined. To try and change that, would amount to undermining the norms and values of that jurisdiction.
More so, the constitution of a country reflects the culture and tradition of that particular country. That is why it is wrong to criticise the impending Bill that it is the same as our constitution. The constitution embraces all the laws of a is the law of any country. So, advocates of the same marriage must not criticise the matrimonial causes laws of our country, as they define who we are and also define our culture and tradition. Same-sex is deemed obscene in our culture. Such a relationship, if allowed could deprave or corrupt our people, so it must not be allowed in our country.

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