Banning ecoCash by RBZ not a good idea

Whilst it is imperative for the government to put in place some safeguard legal provisions or policies to avoid or to police the alleged financial crimes, it is rather unconscionable to the public to stop ecocash services.

That policy is not for the best interest of the public, but rather it is for the best interest of the government. This policy will compromise the whole country as ecocash facilitates the availability of funds in even the remotest areas in our country. This will create expenses for our people yet they are even struggling to earn a living.

For example, if one needs money in rural areas, they now have to travel to their nearest towns. That will cost those people a lot of money. The problem does not only end there because the ques in the banks are always very long, plus the banks do not allow the withdrawal of a lot of money. Surely, this will compromise the would fair better if the government comes out with other safeguards to stop those that are abusing the ecocash system, rather than banning it at all. So, ecocash company has done very well by instigating legal proceedings to challenge that irrational policy. We hope that the court find in their favour.

That victory will not be for that company, but for the public at large. The interests of the public come first than of those who want the abuse of the ecocash services stopped due to abuse by criminals. The public too does not condone the abuse of the ecocash system, as the public too may be defrauded of their money. But the advantages of having ecocash even if there is an abuse of it far outweigh the reasons of not having it.  Please note that this comment is not meant to oppose any government policy, but its just my own opinion about this draconian policy.

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