9 MDCA officials arrested for meeting in their office while Dr. Khupe’s followers and Zanu PF can meet without incident

Dear Minister of Justice,

An online publication reports that nine MDC Alliance district chairpersons were arrested on 9 June 2020 at their party offices in Masvingo for purportedly violating the Country’s Covid-19 induced lockdown restrictions, while the same Zimbabwe Republic Police and members of the Zimbabwe National Army provide protection to dozens of MDC-T youths who invaded Harvest House at night. The large group of MDC-T youth loyal to Dr. Khupe even posted videos of themselves inside of the building. At the Harvest House incident, members of the MDC-T 2014 structures, among them Hon Lynette Karenyi who was the Women’s Assembly Chair in 2014, Lovemore Chinoputsa who was the Youth Secretary-General, from entering Harvest House. So the Government, through the Police, gives different treatment to MDC T 2014 structures members depending on whether they belong to the Khupe and Mwonzora faction or belong to the MDC Alliance? What a Government?

Covid-19 is reality, and if we had good governance, the regulations would have been applied equally to all citizens, but in the political environment obtaining in Zimbabwe, it would appear only Zanu PF and MDC-T activities are allowed to take place without police interference.   A video showing Dr. Khupe holding hands with her officials amid a good crowd of people at the late Dr. Tsvangirai’s graveside has gone viral. The group certainly broke the Covid-19 regulations, even holding hands when Covid-19 regulations require that people should be at least one metre apart from each other, and none of them was questioned by police. According to The Herald, Zanu PF even distributes Covid-19 exemption letters to its members at its political gatherings, one example being its recent meeting in Chinhoyi while Covid-19 exemption letters are meant to be provided only by the Police and District Development Coordinators, according to Minister of State Security Owen Ncube, as reported by The Herald of 13 April 2020. It has become obvious that Zanu PF and Government of Zimbabwe are using the Covid-19 prevalence to further their interests and those of Zanu PF and the MDC-T faction led by Dr. Khupe, while unnecessarily suppressing the activities of the MDC Alliance. This selective application of regulations must stop henceforth.

The support of Government and Zanu PF to the smaller faction of the MDC-T is also very evident in Government and Zanu PF’s involvement in the Supreme Court Judgement, to the extent that the Judgement has become almost unenforceable because of the acrimony between the rival camps which is being fueled by Zanu PF, Parliament of Zimbabwe and Government of Zimbabwe. Zanu PF official kindness Paradza was the first to talk about the suspension of elections if MDC Alliance Parliamentarians did not turn up for Parliament when they took action against the illegal and unconstitutional recall of MDC Alliance legislators, Parliament and Senate accepted the illegal recall knowing very well that the Supreme Court Judgement did not mandate anyone to do that, the army and police supported the invasion and takeover from the MDC Alliance of the Harvest House by the faction of the MDC-T led by Dr. Khupe – the incidents are too numerous to mention.

The suffering people of Zimbabwe are seeing through all these machinations by Government in their support of the weaker faction of the MDC-T and are aware these are tactics by Zanu PF to make Zimbabwe a one party state.

Where is the Justice, Minister of Justice? The world is watching. God is watching.

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