Does Supreme Court judgement provide for night handover and take over when the occupants are not in the office?

Government hand in MDC feud exposed

Douglas Mwonzora


Dear Senator Mwonzora,

So, armed soldiers and the police came and took over Harvest House at midnight in what you had communicated  was going to be a smooth handover and takeover of the Party Headquarters? Where in the Supreme Court ruling does it say the other officials of the MDC-T Party should be evacuated from the building?

It had long being suspected that Government had a hand in this the way Justice Minister publicly said Government was going to give money due to the MDC Alliance to Dr. Khupe. It had long been suspected how Parliament handled the recall of Parliamentarians when they knew very well that the Supreme Court Judgement gives 120 days for the leadership issues to be resolved, failure which it becomes water under the bridge. The raid by the army proves Government involvement beyond any reasonable doubt.

Where in the world does this happen?

People will speak!

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