The struggle needs everyone: Sikhala

The struggle has been long and seems not anywhere near the end. Some of us feel that it's high time we must have an endgame. Kana kuri kufa tofa after c c the final onslaught toziva kuti tazvitadza. The current crisis we have benefits no one besides ZANU PF and Mnangagwa. We might insult each other but to what end.

Job Sikhala

This struggle needs everyone. From a vendor, a farmer, a doctor, a nurse, a farm labourer, the police and the army. The peasants and the working class, churches, students academics and the unemployed. No one is more important than the struggle. We are all equal in it. Time for petty fights is over.

The people of Zimbabwe are crying for a solution. They need us as leadership to give direction for the struggle. Direction doesn’t come through these continued squabbles when the country is burning. People want solutions to their problems. They need their dignity to be restored as a people. They are surviving in poverty. Zimbabwe belongs to all of us. We must have equal share and access to our resources. Happiness should be the cornerstone of our dreams. This dithering and procrastination is taking us nowhere.

We need each other than any other time. Our suffering has gone beyond redemption. We need all of us to think deeply kuti where does insults take us. Reflect and think deep about your country. Just have a minute to think on your current situation kuti wakamira pakadii. Kana ukafa nhasi unosiirei vana vako. Vachazovei usipo. Vachararama sei or else they will end up as street kids. Vanotangira papi uye look kuti gore richipera is there any purpose yokuti uri kuraramirei. Haisi nguva to score cheap political points ino. It’s time of deep introspection. Nhamo yatinayo ichapera sei. Tingapedze maporofita nen’anga dzose tichiti zvingatifanbira.

Kutambisa nguva kose ikoko. The problem is Emmerson Mnangagwa and ZANU PF. Zimbabwe needs a loving leadership. Vanhu deserve the leadership that respects them. The leadership that empathises with them. Ine rudo rwazvokwadi mumatambudziko avo. Those who will not loot the country as we witness today. Those who will share with everybody. Nguva yareba tiri musango hwenje. Let God lead the way and our freedom and desires of our hearts will be fulfilled

By Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala

MDC National Vice Chairman.

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