MDC-T Provincial Chairpersons of the elected 2014 structure dissociated from bogus congress

Statement on a brewing bogus Congress by MDC Provincial Chairpersons of the MDC-T as elected in 2014

Thokozani Khupe

We the elected Provincial Chairpersons of the MDC structures for the period 2014 to October 2019 are concerned with the manner in which Messrs Douglass Mwonzora; Thokozani Khupe and Morgan Komichi are conducting the affairs of the court resurrected structures and operations of the then MDC which existed up to the death of our Founding President Morgan Tsvangirai (MHDSRIP).

They have deliberately mixed up the business of the former party with two other separate entities formed thereafter namely MDC-T led by Thokozani Khupe formed in April 2018 and the MDC Alliance a product of reintegration process led by President Nelson Chamisa whose congress held as a matter of public record in May of 2019.

The two political formations participated in elections separately and the results are a matter of public record.

For one reason or the other, the Supreme Court ordered that the structures of 2014 go to an extra-ordinary congress to elect a replacement for the late Dr Morgan Tsvangirai.

Our concerns in this respect are as follows:

  1. A deliberate failure to convene a meeting of the then National Council to present to it the Supreme Court judgment and its implications. This notwithstanding the petition presented to them to call such a meeting by the 6th of June 2020.
  2. A failure to convene the National Standing Committee, with only three individuals making decisions excluding the others namely Hon Chalton Hwende (Deputy Treasurer), Hon Murisi Zvizvai Secretary for Elections, Hon Amos Chibaya (Deputy Organising Secretary) Hon Theresa Makone Treasurer General; Hon Happymore Chidziva National Youth Chairperson, Hon Lynett Karenyi Chairperson of the Women Assembly and Hon Tabitha Khumalo the Deputy Secretary for Information.
  3. Khupe, Komichi and Mwonzora have continued to make decisions otherwise vested in the constitutional organs of the then party including the National Executive and National Council. In particular, they have to date made unconstitutional decisions to

(a) Unilaterally dismiss or confirm the dismissal of members outside the National Council

(b) Recall MDC Alliance members from Parliament and Councillors from Harare City Council

  1. The three persons have also unconstitutionally replaced elected National leaders namely Hon Hwende, Hon Chibaya, Hon Khumalo, and Hon Zvizvai. It must be stated that the said replaced or dismissed members were members of the Standing Committee who can only be removed by a two-thirds majority vote of the then National Council conducted by secret ballot.
  2. More importantly, Messrs Mwonzora, Khupe and Komichi have been acting unilaterally and unconstitutionally with regards the convening of a court-ordered Extra-Ordinary Congress of the court resurrected 2014 structures. They purported to set a Congress date within the time frames set by the court without convening the National Council which in terms of the then party constitution of the party was supposed to set the date and that the notice be dispatched on its direction. Whilst the court set time frames it did not order the violation of the then constitution. The judgement does not in any way set aside the Constitution.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, such Notice by the National Council must be delivered to each of the delegates entitled to attend congress in addition to being published. This was not done.
  4. It is also important to note that the National Council is responsible for driving Congress processes and not the Standing Committee or part of it. In this regard the National Council establishes Congress preparation Committees including determining nomination procedures for the President.  The Council is yet to meet to determine these processes.
  5. We note there was a purported Harare Provincial Council meeting held yesterday which purportedly nominated a person to contest the post of President at the EOC. This Council meeting is null and void as it was not properly convened. The 2014 Chairperson of Harare Province is Eric Murayi, he did not convene the Council, neither was he requested to do so.
  6. Yesterday in a purported meeting of the Standing Committee, the three persons are reported to have unilaterally abandoned the final Congress date of July 31 without consulting the National Council. Khupe, Komichi and Mwonzora are said to have also made a unilateral decision to institute court proceedings in relation to the Congress without convening the National Executive, the only party organ constitutionally mandated to institute any court processes for and on behalf of the then party.

We want to put it on record that the actions of Khupe, Komichi and Mwonzora defeat the whole purpose of implementing the Supreme Court orders.

They have blatantly ignored the dictates of the Constitution they purport to follow and even worse they have become everything, they are the Standing Committee, they are the National Executive and the National Council.

We place it on record that the Provinces we were elected to represent are not part of the sham process they are purporting to implement, we will therefore treat it as a nullity, Zimbabweans must see it for what it is.

We therefore on behalf of the then structures that we led declare the actions of the trio not only unlawful but a violation of the constitution of the then party.

David Chimhini (Manicaland Chairperson)

Gift Banda (Bulawayo Chairperson)

Eric Murai (Harare Chairperson)

Masendeke Franscisco (Midlands South Chairperson)

Ralph Magunje (Mashonaland West Chairperson)

Solani Moyo (Mat South Chairperson)

Midlands North (Bhepe Sidwell Chairperson)

Masvingo (James Gumbi Chairperson)

Gwarada George (Chairperson

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