Stop the double standards: If you could hold a Whatsapp “Council meeting”, Why not a E-Extra Ordinary Congress

Dear Editor

Media reports are that the MDC-T Acting President plans to approach the Supreme Court to seek extension of her tenure at the helm of the opposition party without going to the extra-ordinary congress due to circumstances beyond control. But I have advised Dr. Khupe and Morgan Komichi before that the Supreme Court Judgement was issued during Corona, and was supposed to be implemented in a Corona environment as it was already known by the time the judgement was passed that Corona was going to be around for a long while. I warned them to devise methods that suited the corona environment to ensure the Extra-Ordinary Congress was held within the stipulated period, but also advised them to stick to the MDC constitutional requirements for holding an Extra Ordinary Congress, advice which all fell on the deaf ears of both Dr. Khupe and Senator Komichi.

Interestingly, these Comrades were wise enough to hold a Whatsapp Council meeting knowing that a physical meeting was impossible due to Corona. So are they now saying e-meetings are not official now that they have failed to prepare for the Extra Ordinary Congress? The only anomaly regarding their whatsapp Council, which is the basis for which all the planning that has taken place was based on, is that the whatsapp was not constitutional, and for that reason the planning process can be challenged at law as it was an outcome of a constitutionally flawed Council meeting.

It was on the basis of the whatsapp unconstitutional council meetings that legislators were recalled from Parliament and fired from the Party. If they cannot hold an e-Congress when they made decisions based on an e-Council meeting, then the whole process was fraudulent from the word go. The Supreme Court ruling gave Dr. Khupe 90 days to organise an Extra Ordinary Congress, but her energies were expended on ensuring that legislators were recalled from Parliament and Senate to create room for her and her cronies instead of planning for the Extra-Ordinary Congress.

As advised in a previous post, there are 210 constituencies across the country, and voting could have taken at these 210 centres, and if 5000 delegates were expected to participate in the Congress, only 24 people would have been required to assemble at each election centre to cast their votes. Add a few monitors, the maximum number would have been well below 50 at each centre.

It is just bad leadership and greedy which made Dr. Khupe fail to lead the process to organise the Congress within the 90 day period. The Court gave 90 days knowing very well that 90 days was adequate to prepare for a Congress that met Covid-19 requirements, and simple, Dr. Khupe failed the test, leaving it to Senator Komichi who is not left with seven days to accomplish what Dr. Khupe failed to achieve in the first 90 days. It would appear Senator Komichi was not given the room to take charge as it appears Dr. Khupe was still in charge of the process, but that is his own problem because the court judgement was very clear that he was supposed to be the key driver after Dr. Khupe’s failure, even though he was given that authority out of the judges ignorance as they assumed he was the chair in 2014 because the court papers presented him as Chair, but it is a role he only assumed post Dr. Tsvangirai’s demise.

The Standing Committee of the 2014 MDC structures never met, and made up Standing Committee of the Dr. Khupe faction is the one that has been planning the non-event, and a request by the majority of the 2014 structures  National Council members never materialised.

Good luck Senator Komichi in leading the Congress process, although the outcome will be challenged as it is based on a  whatsapp Council meeting that did not meet the requirements of the MDC Constitution.

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