Complaint Reporting on COVID-19 Corruption Issue of Ministry of Health and Child Care of Zimbabwe

It is my pleasure to get in touch with you, and I am going to report a corruption issue in Zimbabwe tender recently.

Thank you for your attention to this matter in advance. This was originally a tender held for the safety and health of the citizens in this COVID-19 epidemic, but it is once again being used by the Ministry of Health and Child Care as a tool for bribery.

Here I will present some details of MOHCC’s collusion with a Chinese supplier.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care handled a Covid-19 tender (NAT ITCB FWWK 04/2020) for the purchase of laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables.

Towards the end of the PPE tender, on August 6, MOHCC had a supplier named Triplex International Biosciences (China) Co.,LTD, quoted for items including Manual nucleic acid extraction kits, Automatic extraction machine, Automatic nucleic acid extraction reagents, Virus transport media, PCR machine 96 well, SARS-CoV-2 PCR.

This public tender was then done on August 7, 2020, with 22 companies competing for the contract. But was later cancelled due to the irregularities and now re-floated.

Following the second launch of this tender, the Chinese supplier Triplex International Biosciences (China) Co. made an offer for the following, one of the items on the tender.
7)SARS CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Diagnostic test kit x 300,000
This Chinese supplier used antigen reagents from Xiamen Biotime Biotechnology Co., Ltd for bidding.

The MOHCC criminally abused his office to review the prices from other bidding companies, and then asked the Chinese supplier to revise the bid price of Biotime Rapid Covid Antigen to $5, which is the lowest price of the shortlisted antigen reagents, and the other suppliers bid price is $6 and $10. MOHCC colluded with this Chinese supplier and secretly assured them that they would win the tender and agreed to pay MOHCC a large commission afterwards, because MOHCC said “you have to make us something then we will let you win the tender”. The tender price was therefore revealed, as the above I wrote, before the tender was opened.

Zimbabwe’s second Covid-19 tender project is about to finish and will be opened soon. I am reporting to you anonymously the facts that I am 100% sure of and I hope you will use the power of your institutions to investigate and prosecute the people involved to stop government bribery from happening. I also reported to newspapers and media, like The Sunday Mail and NewsDay Zimbabwe, also Transparency International Zimbabwe, Law Society of Zimbabwe, Ministry of Justice, ZIMRA, etc. Everyone is responsible for reporting corruption and no bowing to corruption. Please listen to us citizens’ voices and take action on the investigation. Thank you!

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