Don’t Catch COVID-19 Our Hospitals Are Overwhelmed – Govt Official

The Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services permanent secretary Ndavaningi Nick Mangwana yesterday warned the masses that Zimbabwe’s hospitals are overwhelmed and overrun and people should, by all means, adhere to COVID-19 restrictive measures and avoid contracting COVID-19.


Using microblogging site Twitter Mangwana said:

We hear UK beds are overwhelmed by Covid19. Well, that’s them.They say in SA, hospital admission thresholds are now quite high- that’s them. But, let me tell you about our own situation, don’t catch the virus if you can avoid it. We are being overwhelmed and overrun by this virus.

This comes after Zimbabwe recorded over 200 new COVID-19 cases in 3 consecutive days. Mangwana further said if cases continue to surge and patients need beds, hospitals may run out of beds:

To put our situation into perspective, you see we recorded nearly 500 positive new cases in 2 days. If it so happens that these new cases need a hospital bed, then you can see how we can easily run out of beds. And in those 2 days we have lost 9 people and much more in a week.

The government has suspended the reopening of schools because of the resurgence of the virus. Chatter around a stricter lockdown being imminent has started on social media platforms but the government has not said anything about reviewing the restrictions.

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